Post-BASH Mexico ride

Post-BASH Mexico ride

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Eat what you catch, right? ¡Gracias, Maria!

Gabe from Afterhours organized a little trip to San Felipe last Sunday after the BASH. Me, Sumo from England, Rouser Rob from Texas, Moby Nick from AZ, Chris Huber from the OC, and Chris driving the van tagged along with Gabe and his wife Lois and a couple of his customers/friends from Michigan: Robert, Ron and Chris.

Nick can not be stopped. He carved the twisties like a Christmas Turkey on this thing and even crashes with style.

Whatcha grinnin' 'bout Rob? The high road that's what...

I'm proud to report the freshly made-over 92 FXR performed through all conditions without a single hitch. I'm quickly falling in love with this machine.

Sumo has had a rough go with bikes in the USA the last couple trips. Finally borrowing a bike from his native land broke the curse and I was stoked to see him have a good time.

Huber on the only sensible bike in the bunch. I really need one of these. Those hard bags make great coolers.

We made good time and took the EDR route through the Anza Borrego desert. No real mechanical trouble let us make it to Kiki's Campo long before sunset, even with a 15 mile dirt road detour that was a test for Nick's skill on the panhead with less than optimal set-up for these kinds of conditions. It seemed alot easier coming back through that stretch on the return trip but we were pretty beat up when we finished it on the way down.

We were going to run with no chase trucks but Biltwell Chris volunteered to drive the van. We were glad he did. We never needed it but it was a nice security blanket and he's always fun to hang with in baja anyway.

Since we didn't get enough camping at the BASH (yeah, right) we took some beach front palapas and made the Sea of Cortez our home for a few days. We quickly settled in to lazing around, catching up on sleep, dips in the water and basically just winding down into the baja vibe I can't seem to get away from.

Future taco or gut bomb? Just depends on your luck I guess.

Me and Huber did some fishing and so did the Michiganders (they won). The best little taco shack in town happens to be right next to our favorite bar, the Miramar, so we brought two coolers full of filets to Maria there and she grilled and fried up a few pounds along with rice, beans and all the fixin's. It was down home, authentic cooking and she was a gracious host. Of course we gave her the left overs, and I hope some of her customers this week get an attack of Montezuma's Revenge like poor Lois suffered from. Hope you are feeling better, it was a long enough ride without that to deal with. One tough cookie, that girl.

I'll have some more photos to share later once they all get downloaded and I think Sumo might put together a little video edit. He had a trick little bar-mountable video camera that I put on the FXR and got some really rough footage with. A shady clip is here if you can sit through it you can see Rob and Nick navigating the dirt stretch.
Post-Bash ride to San Felipe Mexico from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.

More pics later. Thanks for a good trip, let's go back!