Oil & Water / Nov. 12th

Oil & Water / Nov. 12th

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We've teamed up with our friends over at Us Vs. Them to help produce an art show at Known Gallery on Fairfax in LA on Saturday November 12, 8:00-11:00PM. We'll be riding bikes down there from Temecula and will post up a couple meet-up points along the way if anyone wants to ride down and check it out with us. I'm thinking we will take a long route back in the middle of the night with a few stops at some Los Angeles landmarks. The show is gonna be a banger that really mixes up a lot of different mediums, artists and backgrounds. We've donated about a dozen helmets to get painted up, Lowbrow Customs kicked in a big batch of gas tanks and surfboard blanks were donated by City Fog Surfboards. The list of artists is pretty amazing, here's who's in store so far:

Wes Humpton
Jim Phillips
Latisha Wood
Tay Herrera
Manuel Cisneros
Graham Nystrom
Les Schettkoe
CJ Nelson
Honky Kong
Belgium Lion
Ratty Matty
Ralphy the Kid

Details and whatnot here. Hope to see you there and stay tuned for details on the ride.

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