New Product Update

New Product Update

OK, it probably looks like all we are good at is throwing parties, but we really do get some work done once in a while. Here's a little progress report on what to expect in the next couple months.

NEXT GEN BARS (available mid-June)
We'll have Keystones & Friscos in about a month and a half. The Friscos are going to have a 7" rise instead of the old 9". This will let you mount them on stock sporties without changing cables. Black ED and Chrome Plated. These bars are bulletproof and something we can stand behind. The price went up few bucks but you are worth it, you deserve the best because you are special! Should be about $109 retail. Not long after that we are going to introduce some new models: Apes, Chumps, Windows, Low Drags and Tracker bars. All are going to be TIG-welded 4130 Chromoly in 1" diameter (Apes & Chumps aren't welded). We are hoping to have these new designs in stock by the middle of July.

CAST STAINLESS SEAT PIVOT (available mid-June)
The last seat hinge you will ever need to buy. This is an investment cast stainless steel seat pivot with a new and improved mounting bung that is nice and chunky. We'll still sell the existing chromoly version, but this one will be the higher end model. Retail price will be well under $100 bucks. If you have the old bung welded to your frame, this new hinge will bolt right up, the dimensions are the same.

You can't beat cast stainless for corrosion resistance and pure inherent beatuty. We did some samples in aluminum, but couldn't get decent pricing we could agree on. The factory jumped the gun and made 100 sets in aluminum anyway so we'll be selling those off at a discount as a limited issue kind of thing for about $50, these will be available mid-June. The stainless models will go for about $100 and be available at the same time.

A neat trinket for opening your beer. Gotta replace that Live to Ride crap with something. Also works pretty good bolted to your truck bumper, workbench, etc.

SLIMLINE SEAT (in development, which means, don't hold yer breath)
This is a seat for that rigid chopper that needs a lot of kick to keep you from sliding off the back. 1/8" rollled steel with slots for carriage bolts means no matter your bung spacing, you should be able to get this seat to work. This will be available as a bare pan and foam kit or as a complete covered seat. It's nice and small so it's a good fit for narrow bikes like trumpets, jappers, etc.

BANANA SEAT (in development, which means, don't hold yer breath)
We've got a lot of customers with evo sporties for a good reason, they are relatively affordable and fun to modify and ride. Last year Duane Ballard and I built a seat for my Sportster and this is modeled after that design. The trick thing is that there will be a little rubber badge with a hidden slot in it, through which you slide an allen wrench and tighten your seat into the stock threaded insert already in the fender. This way the hardware is all hidden for a sano look. The plastic pan is done and bitchin' so now we are just working on covers, foam and packaging. I'm pretty excited about this seat shape, it follows the frame rails nicely and narrows the look of the bike dramatically. The first batch is going to be for pre-rubber mount evo sporties and then later we'll do a pan that fits the later model bikes.