LARDAPOLOOZA! East vs. West Fat Ass Contest

LARDAPOLOOZA! East vs. West Fat Ass Contest

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So, Walt from Kickstart calls me last week and lays down the challenge. "You are a fat ass, I'm a fat ass, neither of us like it. Let's challenge each other so we have some motivation!" Great. Just what I need, more public humiliation, right? Well, screw it, I'm not going to let 'ol tubby on the right coast whip my ass at this, it's on! We went back and forth on some ideas. Some good, some terrible. Here's the breakdown on the bet.

Training starts today, Nov 10, 2008.
No rules or restrictions on training or diet, drugs, etc.
We'll check in around April 15th or so next year for the half way point weigh-in.
Nov 10th, 2009 is official final weigh in.
The one who loses the biggest percentage of their original weight is the winner.
The loser has to fly to the other guy's coast at his own expense and get a tattoo drawn by the other guys kid. Mine are already working on flying bananas, tubs of burning lard and other fine works of art that may just feature rainbows and unicorns.

There Walt, it's public, hope you are happy. If we are still total lard asses this time next year we really suck. My plan? Its simple, less input, more output. Finding the discipline and motivation is the hard part hard, but not wanting Walt's kid's artwork on my butt cheek is a pretty good incentive. Yes, these pics are from Wii Fit...

The East Coast Contender
Walt is 5'10" and 252lbs.
His goal: 200lbs (53lbs) by Nov 10th, 2009

The West Coast Contender
Bill is 5'9" and 223lbs.
My goal: 190lbs (33lbs) by Nov 10th, 2009

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