Hoedown Report

Hoedown Report

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This was pretty early in the day. The whole place filled up later in the afternoon.

Hats off to Kutty, Lisa and everyone else who pitched in on the 2nd Annual Hippy Killer Hoedown. They picked a good location and everything seemed to run real smoothly. We just set up a little Chop Cult booth and passed out a few stickers, shot a few bikes and had a good time with friends instead of working like we usually do.

Our friends AJ and Todd from Lick's came in all the way from Massachusetts and had a good time. BF Josh and Rebecca ran the Lowbrow set up and were proudly hocking Biltwell parts along with a full selection of bungs, patches, cloth wires and all sorts of good stuff.

I was real interested to see our friend Dillon's band, The Creepy Creeps. By the time they came on most of the crowd had split, but the people who stayed got a great show. These dudes know how to get it on and I'm glad we stuck it out.

Tons of quality bikes from all over and plenty of cars which was real cool to have at the same event. I tooled around on the Bad Idea sidecar bike, giving a few rides and shuttling our kit back and forth to the truck. That stupid thing is too fun.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and hung out or said hello, and thanks to the Born Free guys for putting up with McGoo's stories.

The highlight of the day. This cat lost his shirt first and then his dignity when he almost ran into The Laura and Rebecca and dumped his bike. Nice work, dude! I think the girls made him nervous or something.

I heart Courtney's truck.

The car guys made a good showing for sure.

Lowbrow West had a dialed set up. Blue Moon Kustoms got Josh's tank done and FedEx'd just in time for the show.