Flat Out Friday

Flat out Friday is a race put on by the folks at Mama Tried the day before their show. They rent out the BMO Harris Bradley Center where the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team plays. It is a slick concrete floor with no traction, so the guys use an old school technique where they cover the floor in Dr.Pepper syrup. Once the syrup dries it makes the whole track sticky giving the racers the traction they need for high speed turns and redlining it on the straight aways. The stands were packed with excited fans drinking cheap beer and rooting on their favorite riders. The Indoor venue makes this race different from most traditional flat track racing. You feel closer to the riders and it is extremely loud. It is a crazy feeling being ten feet away from Mark Atkins revving the shit out of his Sportster coming out of the turns. While the Dr.Pepper syrup makes the track sticky and gives you more traction, it doesn’t mean that its impossible to fall. This might have been the most crash-filled flat track event we have been to yet. Everyone was crashing, the best fast guys like the Rusty Butcher team, the guys on old super expensive tank shift bikes, girls, kids, people on mini bikes, even a 75 year old man on a dirt bike. No one is safe when you’re ripping your bike around the corners as fast as you can. We had a great time at the event and it was definitely exciting! Cheap beer, fast bikes, energetic crowds, and hours of entertainment. Whats not to love? If you didn’t get the chance to attend the Flat Out Friday this year try your hardest to make it to 2018’s event because its unlike any other flat track race out there.