Born Free Show 2011

Born Free Show 2011

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We are stoked to be a "top level" sponsor of the Born Free 3 next year. The last two years have been over the top with the best collection of old custom motorcycles anywhere. Their crew sat down after this year's barn burner and asked themselves the rhetorical "What the hell do we do next?" So, they put their stinkin' caps on and crafted up an even better plan for 2011.

While last year was fun, it was jam-packed and almost impossible to see every bike, so BF3 is going to have a lot more room to spread out. The new location is Oak Canyon Ranch in the foothills of Orange County. Even better, just down the road a piece is a campground called Hicky Creek where you can camp out under the oaks and sleep off all the bad things you ingest at the DicE party. That DicE party happens to be conveniently located between the campground and event venue. I told you these guys were thinkin'!

Watching the Panhead get raffled off this summer was neat. For 2011, Garage Co. is building a Knucklehead for the raffle and everyone gets a shot at it. Tickets/posters are going to go on sale soon and the bike is already in the works so we should all get a peek at it long before summer.

Did I mention that the event is still free for spectators? That's pretty hard to complain about, huh? Keep up to date on the details here: Born Free 3

There are a lot of events in this silly So Cal of ours, so it's hard to make one stand out, but I've got no doubts that BF3 will be the one to see next year.

Anyway, mark your calendars for June 25th. Thanks to Mike, Grant and everyone helping to put it on, we're glad to be a small part of it.