Bates Tires|Panam Oil

Bates Baja Tires and PanAm Oils Sponsor the 2019 El Diablo Run

The highways of Baja are world-famous for their unpredictable conditions, enormous potholes general state of decay. Those challenges are a big part of what makes the EDR fun and different from any other custom motorcycle event. You won’t find a bunch of booths selling skull-print doo-rags or other bikery trinkets. Our only form of “sponsorship” this year is a deal we cooked up with our long-time friends at Lowbrow Customs and W&W in Germany. These two great companies worked together to bring two extremely well-tested, bullet-proof products that are relevant to just about every rider on the EDR: Pan Am Oils and Bates Baja Tires. Riders from both W&W and Lowbrow will be on the trip, and they aren’t bringing a chase rig of any kind. But, we at Biltwell will have a van and trailer on the route and at Kiki’s camp in San Felipe. We’ll have a few tires and a bunch of oils (engine/trans/ primary) if any riders need some, just ask any of our guys and we’ll gladly hook you up if you need it. Bring your own tire irons, ‘cause we’re not that full-service! Lowbrow Customs has generously offered a $10 instant rebate on each Bates Baja tire purchased (expires May 31st, 2019). If you'd like to take advantage of that, you can use the code BatesEDR2019 when checking out on their website. Here's a handy link:
Dedicated to the mother of all roads, the Panamericana, at some 18,630 miles long. Motorcycle oils require high standards, and particularly the air-cooled engines of our preferred motorcycle brand. PanAm oils are produced and bottled in the United States.
Panam Oil Bates Baja Tires Gravel, rocks and roadkill – here’s a tire that knows no fear. Perfect for those late model Harley riders who get the urge to find some off road adventure. We also use it on our daily riders. The Bates Baja tire is the product of W&W Cycles. Precision-made in Germany, super cool & speed rated. Bates Tires