Cheek Pad Set - Bonanza
Cheek Pad Set - Bonanza

CLOSEOUT Bonanza Cheek Pad Set - DOT

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Direct from Biltwell! These are genuine, new-in-box Biltwell products. They are closeout items which have been discontinued and are no longer available through our regular dealer network so we are selling them at clearance prices. Shipped within 2 days of order directly from Biltwell HQ in Temecula, CA.  Since these are limited quantity items that are being closed out at a discount, there are no returns, exchanges or refunds. These closeout items are not available anywhere else.


We offer removable cheek pads for our US DOT-compliant Bonanza helmet so you can replace old, dirty ones or fine-tune comfort with a thinner or thicker set depending on your preference. Note: These pads only feature one retaining snap. Current model year Bonanza helmets have two snaps in each cheek pad to keep them from moving around. You can use a single-snap cheek pad in a late model Bonanza but it's not ideal. (That's why these are on Closeout). We do sell the new style two-snap replacement cheek pads here



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CLOSEOUT Bonanza Cheek Pad Set - DOT

  • Brushed fleece Lycra material wicks sweat from skin for greater comfort
  • Open-cell foam inside pads increases airflow and accelerates drying
  • Stainless-steel snaps on ABS plastic pad backing for speedy removal and installation
  • Hand-stitched construction
  • Available in different thicknesses for a custom fit—see chart in photos
  • Sold in pairs

Never clean helmet comfort liner components in the washer or dryer. Instead, simply immerse them in soapy water and gently squeeze them to release dirt and oils. To dry, loosely wrap the wet pads in a plush towel and gently squeeze them to absorb excess moisture, then hang them to air dry. Wait 24 hours before reinstalling clean pads in your helmet.