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Cook’s Corner is a legendary biker bar that stands as a proud symbol of forgotten freedom in a sea of ever-encroaching cookie-cutter houses and the inevitable “progress” of Orange County, California. It’s the perfect spot to host a party the night before Born Free with thousands of riders in the area eager for the weekend’s festivities to start.

The morning of the party at Cooks Corner all of the builders in our Final SIX will meet in Lake Elsinore and ride approximately 50 miles to Cooks Corner. The party at Cook’s Corner Bar starts about 3:00pm.  Around 9:00pm we will announce the Champ! We’ll all clap and hoot, the trophy and check will be handed over and we’ll call it a night. Once it starts going down, it happens fast, so make sure to be around the upper bar area by 9:00PM or so. It’s standing room only and the suspense is pretty intense.

All voting will be done online here on our website. But regardless of how many votes a builder receives they must ride their bike to Cooks in the time allotted or they will not be eligible to be the Champ! So, all the bikes will not just be “show” bikes but “Go” bikes as well!