Instagram: @tony_medellintattoo

Location: Reno, Nevada

Bike Year / Motor: 1940 / Harley Davidson knucklehead

  1. Who are you, where are you from, what is your day job? My Name is Tony Medellin, I am from Reno, NV and Iv been tattooing for almost 20 years.
  2. Point out some of your favorite details: The subtle hints of engraving in spots you usually don’t see engraving. I had viscous cycles cast some zenith chips for my tank caps that I absolutely love. It’s a detail that if you know you know . Black stitch crushed it on my seat and wrapped the bottom in real Pendleton fabric.
  3. What were some of your biggest struggles building the bike? One of the biggest was figuring out the foot clutch with the cross over pipe. Juggling time with my job and this bike was a new one for me as well, I usually build at my pace with no timelines.
  4. Did you learn any new skills building the bike? Absolutely, got more comfortable with stainless. Learned new polishing techniques so I could have a faster return from the chrome shop. My first time spraying pearl as well so I practiced on light bulbs for consistency.
  5. How does it ride? Like a dream. Super comfy. Shifts smooth.
  6. Anyone you want to thank? I wanna thank my girl Mandy for backing me unconditionally with this build. All my friends who share my journey. MASSIVE shout out to Paughco Motorcycles for providing me the best American made parts for my build. Dirty biker for always making things happen for me, USO car club, Douche Larouche, Bugz and goldworld for the stripes. ABC chrome, street rider of reno, Pangea speed, Cornerstone MFG and my dawg trader Cody chopper parts.