Instagram: @_dereksavage

Location: Haverhill, Massachusetts

Bike Year / Motor: 1939 / Knucklehead

  1. Who are you, where are you from, what is your day job? Derek Savage, I’m from Haverhill, MA and for my day job I’m an electrician.
  2. Point out some of your favorite details: Some of my favorite details of the bike are definitely the killer paint job by Kevin Phan/Good-ride Garage, the fish scaled stuff like the oil bag, foot pegs and jockey shifter. The turquoise push-rod collars by Our Mother the Mountain are also a killer piece. Last but not least the knucklehead motor! I always wanted one.
  3. What were some of your biggest struggles building the bike? Trying to figure out the best metal finishing techniques that worked for me, dialing in a linkert carburetor, those were new to me but in the end are pretty simple. My left engine case broke 3 weeks out from leaving and I had to tear down the engine and get that sorted, luckily I had some help with that.
  4. Did you learn any new skills building the bike? I think my metal finishing skills got a lot better, I’d never done any sheet metal work before this, and although it ended up needing some body filler it all turned out alright! When the motor broke, I got to get my hands wet with disassembly/reassembly on that which I’d never done before.
  5. How does it ride? It rides pretty good! A few quirks to work out, but that’s always part of it.
  6. Anyone you want to thank? A lot! My girlfriend Sam for her patience with me through all of this, mom for the help with the logistics and planning the trip because i’m not any good with that stuff. Kevin at Good-Ride for the awesome paint work, Paul Ganno for all the help with the motor and my dawgs at the La Espada/69 Speed Co. shop for the inspiration and support!