The Street Tracker Lives!

The Street Tracker Lives!

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It took the three of us—Duane, Alex and me—three nights to do it, but the Street Tracker is 92% ready for the Bash this weekend.

Uncle Bitchin' delivered the tank and fender Monday.

Duane and I built the pipes Tuesday.

Alex wired the generating system Tuesday and the ignition system Wednesday.

With a single kick last night, the Street Tracker project sputtered to life. Not the healthiest gasp for air I've heard from a poorly tuned hand-built deathtrap, but it DID fire in ONE kick.

I'm still baffled as to how.

Tonight I'll adjust the carbs and clutch cable and diddle with the points. If I can't get it to run smoothly, I'll limp it to Lake Skinner in Temecula this Friday and solicit some tune-up help from a couple of the 300 or so dudes we are expecting at our first Bash.

Thanks to everyone for all their help!