Biltwell DOT Helmets

Biltwell DOT Helmets

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Alright, cat's out of the bag. We've got a new DOT-approved helmet called the Hustler.

The one request we've been getting since day one has been to do a DOT-approved open face helmet. Well, we finally did it. Actually, we've been doing it behind the scenes for more than a year now and finally have them in stock and ready to ship. We're starting with flat colors: Titanium, Black and Copper. We're working on Mega Flake and as soon as we're satisfied with the paint quality, we'll have 'em in stock.

We've received a flood of questions as news of the new Hustlers leaked out. Almost all requests have to do with size. Everyone wants to know how the size compares to our novelty lids, as well as the other brands of 3/4 DOT helmets. The bottom line is, there is no way to get a super small, low-profile helmet that is capable of satisfying DOT regulations. So, it's a compromise. You want a real helmet? It's gonna be a little bigger. Thats just the facts.

We thought we'd do a little photo comparo for you, and show these things in context. As you can see, there really isn't much of a size difference between our Hustlers, Bell's 500 and the Fulmer V2. The skirt of the Bell is cut a little shorter, so it appears a little smaller on the shelf, but looks about the same on a head. We lined Josh up and used him as the test dummy. (Thanks, dude) All three DOT lids were larges, though Josh could also squeeze into a Medium Hustler. Josh is a 7 1/4 hat size for reference.

Next we moved outside and railed around the parking lot a little in both our Novelty lids and the new Hustlers so we could take some pics of the helmets in their natural environment so you can see the difference. I'm the fat guy on the FXR, and I wear a size 7 3/8 hat and could fit in a medium or a large Hustler. Mike in the Copper Hustler wears a size 7 hat and felt comfortable in the medium. The Hustler's are way quiet, and after wearing our novelty lid for the last few years I was shocked at how comfy a DOT helmet can be.

The conclusion? If you want a DOT lid, understand that the added protection comes with some extra size whether you buy it from us or anyone else. If you want a close-fitting, low-profile lid with the biggest, crispest flake in the business, try the Biltwell Novelty helmet, just make sure you realize it's for novelty purposes only. The DOT choice might be a little harder, but in the end it'll come down to colors, details, fitment and what kind of company you choose to support. Thanks to everyone who chooses a Biltwell.

Oh yeah, here's a Hustler sizing chart: