Biltwell People’s Champ 2019 / Meet the Builders

We’ve supported Show Class Magazine’s People’s Champ chopper-building extravaganza since year one, so when Justin called to say the magazine is closing and asked if we’d take over the PC, we immediately agreed. Taking it over mid-stream meant we were already behind schedule and builders were anxious to know what the hell was going on. Huge thanks to everyone who stuck it out and answered all my annoying emails as we’ve worked to organize this thing.

In case you aren’t familiar with how this works, heres’ the scoop: 24 builders are hand-picked from a huge pile of emailed photos and descriptions (these were already decided when we took over). Then, these 24 will be put up to a vote, where 13 advance and the rest have to hit the bricks and try again next year. That voting period will run from this Friday through Sunday night. Somewhere around mid-April, we’ll do another vote that weeds out seven more builders, determining the Final Six Pack. These guys/gals and their machines will be on display at Cook’s Corner June 21st, the Friday night before Born Free 11. Everyone at the party will be issued a single ticket that they can drop in the ammo can ballot box in front of their favorite motorcycle and the person with the most tickets will win some stuff and go on to be featured as an “Invited Builder” at the big show for the rest of the weekend. Here’s a look at the final Six Pack bikes from last year.

The contenders for 2019 are a wildly diverse and talented group of hard-working sluggers. Below you’ll find each of the 25 builders listed in alphabetical order with a single photo, a brief description of their build and an instagram handle. Please follow each one and dig through their profiles to see deeper into their building process. Voting poll is below, and you’ll be able to vote once for your favorite 13 builders, so start checking out the details and figure out who you would like to see advance to the next stage!

Let’s Meet the Contenders!


Jim Baaske
Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA
Instagram: @hocuspocusbyfocus69

I’ve always wanted to build a skinny bike, the kind that looks a motorcycle from the side but when you look at it from the rear it practically disappears. I knew after pulling a Motor Shop frame, that was hidden aways for years, out of a cat pissed ridden basement, this was going to be that bike. I’m trying to keep the muscle bike theme of the single loop, but with a little added “show” to it. Trying to keep the bike as simple and clean as possible, no bullshit, but a lot of “go.” The bike will be powered by a 1970 74″ mag fired Shovelhead motor. Sitting on 19 and 21″ wheels, I am really happy with the way the bike is sitting, and the direction, in general, as it comes along. I want to thank Justin and everyone at Show Class Magazine for making the People’s Champ what it is. this whole thing wouldn’t be where it is today without those guys. Thanks to Biltwell too for stepping in to carry it on. There’s a lot of rad bikes being built this year and I’m stoked to see the progress of everyone’s builds. I also want to thank everyone that’s lent a hand along the way or even just drank a beer with me while bouncing off ideas. The chopper scene isn’t that big in SE Michigan, but it’s been cool to experience how much something like this brings people together.

“Ricky Bongos”
Location: Las Vegas, NV USA
Instagram: @rickybongos

I own USA Parts Co. where I design, fabricate, and sell 100% made in the USA parts for motorcycles. I’ve been building custom motorcycles for 16 years now. A lot of you may not know me as I’m usually blocked or banned by the hip social media outlets and events in the custom motorcycle world. I stick to my guns and refuse to kiss ass, even if it’s not part of the popular agenda. I openly speak out against companies slinging cheap Chinese products on the American public when they could be making that stuff right here in the good ‘ol USA, providing more jobs here at home. I believe THE PEOPLE have also had enough with seeing un-rideable cobbled together bikes at these events and it’s time to make things right. This is why I’m building THE PANTY DROPPER! That’s right kiddies, I’m getting all ‘Kenny Powers’ wild and building a Drag Bike for the chopper show. If you wanna do what’s right for AMERICA and really stick it to the man, you will vote to keep me in this til the end! And, when they see me ride up to Cooks Corner – Stylin and Profilin shouting a Ric Flar WOOOOOOO on my divorced Ironhead with that big twin 5 speed in a super rare goose-necked Chica Custom frame, loaded up with handmade parts by yours truly, dripping in purple/ teal paint with cheetah print down the side; You better believe those panties (and jaws) will be droppin! VOTE FOR BONGOS

Kyle Brewer
Location: Carson City, NV, USA
Instagram: @rewerb70

So here’s what I’ve got for my people’s champ build. Starting with the springer. It’s a completely handmade single spring,curved leg,narrow 15 over with 3 degrees in the stem. The frame is 2 out 8 up 30 degrees of rake rigid. With oem style axle plates and side car loops. The neck I built is 11 different pieces that I welded,sanded and molded to replicate a early Harley rigid casting. The motor and transmission combo is a divorced ironhead mated to a fxr/flt transmission. Other features are a completely handmade fuel tank,sissy bar,exhaust and rear fender. Still tons of work left but a solid start to a badass chopper. Vote for me if you dig it. Thank you.

Nick Busby
Location: Salinas, California USA
Instagram: @__buzzbee

Hello everyone! I am currently building a 1962 panhead. I have always enjoyed building things that haven’t really been done before. My bike has a dual drum wide glide front end, hydraulic foot clutch that matches the same set up as an original juice brake and a removable sissy bar with a molded flame paint job. This bike is going to be my personal go to bike, so I wanted to build it the best I could so that’s why I’m here! Thanks for checking it out!

Caleb Denton
Instagram: @caleb.denton
Location: Elko, NV, USA

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Caleb Denton, I am 31 years old and I was born in Norwalk California. I currently reside in Elko Nevada with my beautiful wife and 3 daughters. To support my Family I work as a Deep Earth Miner her in Elko. My Father was a Harley Rider and that is how I got introduced to the world of Motorcycles. In fact I started as a shop boy at a Chopper shop in Downey Ca when I was 14 years old. I ended up working there for about 4 ½ years and all through High School. At 18 I went to work in the mines to support my new young Family. I always kept up working in motorcycle shops on my days off from the mine and also during the mine shutdowns. I’ve built many styles of motorcycles for myself and for customers. I am particularly interested in hand fabrication, Custom design and styling and engine building.

For the Born Free 11 and People Champ 7 I wanted to Craft a chopper that not only had style with obvious nods to the old school custom choppers but, it is mechanically designed to be a no joke cross country and daily rider.

In December 2018 I started laying out my design using a 1975 shovel head FLHP which was in service for years with the Wyoming State Highway Patrol. The Frame is now modified with the help of Red Good as follows, 6 up 2 out and 30 degree rake. It has 2 inches of trail with a 6 over Springer front end. The drive train is 74 Inch Shovel. It has a torque cam setup and dual Mikuni Carbs mounted to a Branch dual intake manifold. The Primary drive is by Primo Rivera and it is open belt. The Controls are set up for handling with Mid foot controls and it has a handmade Jockey shift. The wheels are both Invader’s. The rear is set up with PMFR rear disk and sprocket and the front has a Hurst Airheart mini disk front break setup to keep the wheel visible.

I’m wrapping up the fab work and mock up now. I am particularly proud of the way the sheet metal part came out. The rear fender is made part of the frame and the “wing” style Gas tank has a hidden fastener system for removing it easily. Really the biggest major accomplishment has been how quickly I’ve gotten this build to this point, I typically tell people 9-12 months to build a bike. This one is really coming together which hasn’t been easy considering my full time work schedule and that fact that I broke my hand last month.

Early on I did have a few setbacks for this build. I initially didn’t get accepted for peoples champ so, I decided I had time to change some of the work I had already started. I had done some molding out of metal on the frame but wanted to do it little different (change some of the angles and styling) so I cut it all off the frame and cut up the gas tank to change it a bit. I wasn’t hustling like I could have been. Then right after I cut it up I broke my hand and ended up having to stop working on the bike for a bit. Then I got word that someone dropped out of Peoples Champ 7! I was lucky enough to get back into the competition but with only about two weeks before the first elimination vote! I’ve been out in the garage tig welding in a brace so I can catch back up and meet deadlines. It looks like I’m back up to speed now and the build time frame at this point looks good.

Jeff Dillon
Location: Riverside, CA, USA
Instagram: @yetijeff

“What’s up guys! My names Jeff Dillon with Mac Speed Cycles based out of Riverside Ca. Here’s where I stand today. I’m building an exact replica of one of Crazy Franks most well known bikes featured in the March of 1980 issue of Street Chopper magazine. With my front end and rear fender in pieces this is essentially a mock-up shot. Luckily we have good customers and even better friends. The frame is 5” out with a slight gooseneck, 40 deg of rake, and about a 2” pull in the front tubes. 16” over Dick Allen style springer and the CFE fender will all be fabbed in house along with everything else. A 100” stroker Shovelhead followed by an Andrews filled 4 speed brings up the power plant. I’d appreciate your vote for top 13 and I’ve been doing my best to post every aspect of this build as I go. It’s an honor to be in this group as we have all been busting our ass to bring the heat!”

Steve Glennon
Location: Denver, CO, USA
Instagram: @el_estebandolero

I’m building this bike for myself, but also as a tribute to some of the pioneers in this industry. Building it at the shop I’ve worked at for almost 13 years now, Irish Rich Custom Cycles, it’s also to honor Irish Rich and all of the knowledge he’s passed down to me. Getting to call him one of my best friends, as well as work and learn from him, has been one of my greatest accomplishments. This chop being an extension of my personality and the way I ride, I’ll be building it with the mentality that I’ll try and break it every time I ride it. Like my last 2 builds, I’ll ride this chop hard, it won’t be trailered… I’ll be riding it from Denver to Born Free regardless of this competition’s outcome, because that’s what these damn things are meant to do. I’m also building this bike with common, every day tools and old-school methods. No CNC machines or fancy equipment. I set out to build a classic and reliable chopper, nothing over the top, using my bare hands as much as possible…. This started with a stock, Paughco wishbone frame that I used on my last 2 choppers. I put roughly 100k rigid miles on it before this, so I wanted to alter it. I added 2.5” in the downtubes, 0 in the backbone, and raked the neck out to 37.5 degrees. I took an old hummer 2.2 gallon sporty tank and Frisco’d the tunnel, flat-bottomed it, and worked multiple dents out of it as well. The front end is a girder that’s been shortened to get the proper length of 6 over, and trail, giving the bike an aggressive leaned-forward look and stance. I’ll be using tall, 3-piece risers with a HD top clamp, along with really short pull-back handlebars that I’ll be fabbing with an internal throttle. Cleaned up bars with no controls, cables, or brake-lines hanging off of them. The front wheel is a Richmond spool hub from Mullins chain drive laced with 40 polished stainless spokes to a 21 x 2.15 chromed steel rim covered with a Pirelli night dragon 90/90, no front brake. The back wheel is an 18”, 40 spoker as well with a Pirelli sport demon 130/70/18 for grip, and a tokiko caliper for braking power. The power for this chop comes in the form of a 93 cubic inch Panhead motor hooked up to a HD 4-speed rachet kicker transmission, via a tech cycles belt drive covered with a diamond outer primary cover. This thing will be kick only, no electric start. I’ll be using and altering a narrow, stingray fender from lowbrow on the back with a really short sissy bar to make the back end appear lower and clean. Pipes are going to be inspired by Barger’s “sweet cocaine” bike, having the front and rear high-drag exhaust pipes on opposite sides of the bike. I’ve also fabricated a Dick Allen inspired ½ gallon auxiliary fuel tank to fit under the transmission, using a small wired-in inline electronic fuel pump to transfer the extra fuel up to my carb or main tank, either on the fly or on the side of the road with a flip of a switch. I’m also piecing together a round, special-cut fab kevin oil tank to hide underneath my seat/frame rails. All of my electricals will be hidden under my transmission as well, and I fabbed my battery tray to mount right behind the tranny. A foot clutch and jockey shift will help me to grab gears. And finally, I’ll be using some engraving techniques CJ Allan taught me to personally carve a few select pieces on this build as well. As I write this, I’m still waiting on all of the pieces to my front end to be delivered from the platers(who are taking forever), as well as my panhead to get here. I should be able to update photos before the first round of voting starts. I hope you all dig what I’m putting together and vote this chop to the next round. Thanks.

Eric Greenfield
Location: Aurora, CO, USA
Instagram: @303eric

My name is Eric Greenfield and I am building a knucklehead chopper, Smooth Operator.

The current state of the bike is as follows:
All the basic fabrication work is done. This bike will be broken down for paint as of March 1st.
Brion at Killer B Customs will be knocking out the last of the bodywork and starting on the paint. For this radical paint job he’ll have it for the entire month of March.
While my items are being painted, I’ll be prepping sissy bar, handlebars, headlight bracket and fender bracket for chrome.
Speed and Sport Chrome out of Houston Texas will be taking care of the plating.
I’ll order a transmission rebuild kit rebuild the transmission. I’ll order and prepare all of my wiring and electrical. I’ll make my final plans for the seat with upholsterer, bitchin stitchin.

Starting in April, in time for my next update, I should have the painted frame ready to start final assembly. I hope to document this process via Instagram.

All of this has not come without issue. Just earlier this week the roller fell off my table significantly damaging my handlebars, my headlight bracket, and my headlights. Ultimately causing me to redo the bars, and repair my headlight bracket (as well as absolutely trashing the lights were they will have to be replaced).

I’ve changed my mind multiple times regarding my primary drive and still have not made a final decision on the direction I’m going to go with it…
still got some details surprises coming up but for the most part the pictures that you see or what it’s going to be, I hope that everyone can dig it.

Jake Hamilton
Instagram: @dirtytacolove
Location: Elko, NV, USA

My bike Apache dream is a 47 knucklehead motor in a late knuckle frame up 10 out 4 and 35 over spiraled ridged front end. Finsnied uo the ‘39 tranny and driveline is about done. Seat should go out this week for skin and I’ll be tearing down everything to finish massaging the frame and start molding. Overall I’m stoked with how it’s taking shape and enjoying machining all the small detail pieces. Honored to be a part of this and thanks again, Jake.

Tom Heavey
Location: Charlotte, NC
Instagram: @oldtrump

Who is Tom: I’m a triumph guy only building and wrenching on old Triumphs, all my buddies build and ride Harley so I’m always the odd ball in the pack . I do everything in my home garage . I really enjoy the hunt for parts and the process of a build but more importantly the people and friendships that are created along the way.
Inspiration: I’m getting my inspiration for the build from old photos of the 60’s car and bike show scene and the triumphs that were showcased in those shows. I like a simple , nibble , stripped down, clean bikes with some subtle customization of parts from that era . I went out to BF 10 last year, this was my second year going to the show. BF 10 had the best stable of pre unit bikes built by the invited builders I feel the show has ever had. These bikes were all a huge inspiration for me as well.
The project: I really took a long time slowly piecing this project together. I picked this project up as a roller that was used as a hill climber. The engine had crazy mods, 100 over pistons, Swiss cheesed lightened crank, and speed holed head. Someone really put a lot of work into this engine years ago.
I’m not going to bore you with all the details of the parts used on the bike to this stage , i rather you take it all in and if we have the chance to meet it gives us the ability to talk about it in person , again I feel one of the best parts of building a scoot is meeting like minded people and talking about the bike . I will share what you see as a roller which i think the stance on a bike is the most important aspect of the build , is a stock original 53 pre unit rigid frame that I had the guy’s at Prism Supply jig up and stretch about 2 inches. One of the none british parts I do get asked a ton of question on is the original 1929 Harley Peashooter springer, it fits the smaller triumph pre unit’s perfectly. i had to machine some sleeves to accept stock bearings and cups to mate up to the pre unit frame. I fabricated the oil tank using stock internals from a rigid oil tank as well and made the fender struts from some chrome flat stock i had laying around ,pipes and other small bits . I have really spent most time on the frame polishing it for chrome with my buddy Skip and can say the amount of time we have in it is ridiculous . At this point in the build I still need to finish fabricating some small parts and turn my focus to re assembly of engine and tranny. I sent out the head, cylinder and crank to Franz and Grubb engine to get all the machine work done, new piston, valves, guides, gaskets and clutch parts which i have ready to go.
As far as finishes, I’m going with a fully polished engine, tranny, and primary cover.
The frame will get chromed as well as many other parts. In regards to paint,Shawn Long from Imperial House will do his thing.
To sum things up, it was so unfortunate showclass magazine had to pull out of the show and I know this years contest has gotten off to a rocky start . I have been following the peoples champ since the first one, the level of talent and quality of bikes every year keeps going off the charts. When I walked up to Cook’s Corner last year and saw those 6 bikes each sitting on their own stands I really got my juiced and I made up my mind that Friday night that I was going to through my hat in the ring for the Show Class 7. What I enjoyed just as much as the bikes was seeing like mind people talking and really appreciating all the hard work and details in those bikes that the average guy doesn’t see or even get. Like every year everyone is building a different style of bikes and that’s what the contest is all about . l want thank Biltwell for stepping up to the plate and giving us all the platform to express ourselves.

Ben Jefferies
Instagram: @benjeff
Location: Fort Wayne, IN, USA

1960 FLH swingarm chopper. Single downtube “motorshop” style frame I made from the rear half of a drop seat panhead frame. All my secret stash parts been collecting for a while, dick allen style wheel, PM 12 spoke, cal products trans w/ ART hydro cover, etc. Aiming for show n go, style n function & made to ride. Very humbled to be apart of this along with some really talented people. Hope everyone digs how a backwoods punk from northern Indiana does a chopper! Wabi-sabi. More in depth thread over at the Jockey Journal.

James Juarez
Instagram: @the_livin_company
Location: Los Angeles, Ca, USA

The initial idea behind the build was to build a bike that was tight with a long front end. The plan is… there is no plan. I’m kicking around ideas as I go, but always pushing myself to make things a littler harder, and make stuff I’ve never made before. It’ll look nice once it’s done; chrome, paint, etc. and then I’m riding the fuck out of it. CHOPPERS FOREVER.

Craig Kenyon and John Repetto / The Eazy Company
Location: Worcester Massachusetts of the good old USA
Instagram: @theeazyco

Hey y’all!! We’re building a heavily molded Ironhead chopper. We’re taking cues from some of the greats Kelsey Martin , Arlen ness and Denver’s choppers. We’ve just spent a majority of the time cutting up the frame and metal finishing it all together. We plan on adding a few more hundred pounds of metal. Especially with the rigid front end. We have plans on running an open primary and have a few other smaller motor details up our sleeve. All in all we still have a lot more left to do and we’re excited to get to work.

Alan Kitzmiller
Location: Baltimore, MD, USA
Instagram: @mista_dont_play_777

My name is Alan Kitzmiller and I am from the greatest city in America— Baltimore, Maryland. I am building a 1975 shovelhead in a single loop mullins chain drive frame. I am running an 18/19” set of morris mags that I spun out hubs for to accept sealed bearings and one off rotors I made. The rotors ended up being 11 and some odd inches— literally as big as I could make them fit in the lower legs. I also made the adaptors to hold the 4 piston PM brakes and then the one on the rear as well. I made the triple trees myself on a CNC machine. I found some kawasaki master cylinders that I’ve modified pretty heavily to work the brakes and a hydraulic clutch. For the exhaust pipe, I have a thunderheader muffler that will come straight back in line from the heads. I am going to finish the bike with flames on the tank and fender and while that’s happening I will pull the motor apart so i can powder coat everything black to match. Here are a couple of pictures to make up for my rambling


Marco Luk
Instagram: @tegansaraandmarco
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

When I ask people what 90s choppers looked like I never get a clear answer, that time after tough Cone Shovels but pre fat tire tv bikes. I would assume there is more history out there but for this 2001 Buell X1 Lightning build I am making up what I think a relevant 90s chopper would look like. Frame is a single ‘single’ loop with stainless dropouts, wheels are modified Enkei 19 x 2.15 to look like a Morris/Kimtab, front end is from a CM450 that has been modified with a million machined pieces. Modifying stock Japanese parts for American bikes is the usual route I go, this bike is going to be fast and functional but still reflecting the style I like to build. For the most part everything is done on manual machines in my garage but I’ll be attempting to get a couple things 3D printed for the first time. Excited to be on another death march, as it always is.

Shai Malka
Instagram: @malkzilla
Location: Encino, CA, USA

Always been an old Harley fan but took a while to get to what I always wanted not coming from knowing anyone or having any friends that were into choppers and the commitment attached to them! Not to mention the money pit you bury yourself in and how expensive things are getting! But a rigid foot clutch panhead to me doesn’t get any better than that, that’s always been the dream! During my journey I picked up a pre unit triumph to jam on a bit that opened up my eyes to how much I love those and pre unit parts! Pretty sure Larry Watson had a big influence on me as well! Pumped out the sickest pre units back in the day! I also finally got a ‘59 panhead that was a dream that ran like a top and took me everywhere no complaints I sold to get this project done! Since I had such a good experience with my pan I decided that’s the powerplant I want to run with a bunch of cool Made in England parts! Along my journey I accidentally bought something on eBay that ended up being from Mark Drews a legend I look up to that’s killed the chopper game for years! Bought a pre unit frame on eBay and realized who I bought it from I was trippen! Long story short a year or two later he wanted to buy back the frame from me since I didn’t end up using it, had many projects never got around to it! Something came up for mark and he didn’t have the money for the frame but still wanted it and that’s when the idea came for him to commission me a set of tins for this panhead I’m putting together and we can work out a trade! I’ve always been a fan of pre unit front ends so I had Jeff Leighton help me get one ready for this build! A lot of little details that are still not quite there yet I want to incorporate stay tuned! This bike will be built to ride and put many miles on even tho it’s going to be a show bike!

Name: Suzy Pilaczynski
Location: Tube City, CA, USA
Instagram: @beneaththeglass

Here’s my progress so far: I’m building a rigid 1977 Shovelhead I’m calling the “Hexaglide”, with a hand shifted, ratchet top 4 speed transmission and a vintage single loop frame -which I just discovered is one of only about 33-35 that were made by Billy Gruhlke between ‘72-79 in Santa Cruz and primarily sold through Don Hollingsworth’s shop in Redwood City. I just completed my front end which I designed and machined in house; it’s a narrow glide but has hexagon tubes and will have suspension- hence the name “Hexaglide”. Instead of rounding off the split rocker boxes, I chose to chamfer them to create flat surfaces around the edges and more work will be done on the heads and cylinders. There’s not a whole lot to look at in the photo at the moment because I’m in the process of working on several things that weren’t ready to be put on the bike; I’m designing and making a lot of the parts myself, using a variety of methods and I’ll be using some vintage parts as well. Paint is undecided but it will be simple yet colorful- it’s meant to be the background against which everything else pops. It’s important to me that this bike has lots of custom work and splashes of color, while still remaining legible; it’s too easy to try to include everything and then the bike becomes cluttered and indistinguishable. Thanks for looking and I hope you’re as excited to see the final result as much as I am.

Name: Matt Pontano
Instagram: @matt66sporty
Location: Williamstown, NJ, USA

Hey guys this is where I’m at in my build. Fab work is pretty much almost complete minus my foot controls and headlight bracket, which will both be done in a few days. Once they are done I can break this thing down and start my molding and send everything to chrome. I have had a killer time doing this bike and have had the pleasure of meeting a ton of good people already because of it. I feel like choppers are supposed to be bare bones and sketchy and that’s exactly what this thing is. Thanks for looking and I hope everyone feels I have what it takes to make the final 6.

Ante Pratezina
Location: Canberra, Australia
Instagram: @chopper.drama

I’m building a skinny Panhead chopper called War Horse with a built 93” motor and a baker 6into4 transmission from my garage in the capital city of Australia. There will be key traditional big twin parts that are narrowed to suit the style and also my version of other classic parts made to fit the bike. The frame will be chromed with the castings and welds left original and unfinished to preserve the character of Harley frames from the era and otherwise the tins will be a deep candy black with original style 51-54 Harley-Davidson tank emblems. It will be a simple and timeless, truly garage built chopper and I have a good vision for the bike and what it needs to do for me once built. Some of the main things are, it needs to be able to ride highways, be reliable and fixable on the road, win light to light and do big peel outs from the bar all whilst keeping that show chopper glam. This is very much mocked up here but is the direction I will be going in. I’ve got a rigid frame, a set of 3.5 gal tanks axed and joined just like they used to, 19-21” high shoulder wheelset all chromed, 9-10” extended risers with 2-1/2” centres and a narrow 41mm Hydra Glide front end with a custom built nacelle to suit. Vote for me so I have a good excuse to bring this thing to California! It will be tough, loud, fast and skinny.

Name: Sam Rapschutz
Location: Kansas City, MO, USA
Instagram: @samraps

This is my 78 shovelhead that I am building, influenced by the 70s bike and hotrod scene. The mag fired cone zone and 4 speed trans will be fully polished. The frame was a stock shovelhead frame that I grafted a replica rear section and 2.25 stretch up. It’s held up by a 16” over DLG Denver’s springer. I will be running 15” American racing wheel in the rear and a high shoulder 18” up front to keep the stance right. Has a narrowed mustang tank that will appear to be fully molded to the frame, and a floating hand hammered oil bag. I will also be doing all the molding and paint my self here at SILVERTOWNN.

Name: Anthony Robinson
Location: Palmdale, CA. USA
Instagram: @anthony73robinson

I’m bringing back that 70s fly… that fresh and groovy far-out Chopper your Dad wants to ride. Slap on your kidney belt, shit kicking boots, get on this Chopper and boogie down the road…
Here’s the skinny.. I acquired this 1973 Harley Davidson Ironhead..(the year I was born) from this long haired cigarette stained bearded old dude. He said that it belonged to his grandson that had passed before he was able to build it. So when I’m all through, I’m going to let the old man ride this. It’s the least I can do.
I stripped and chopped it to the tune of 2″ up-stretch, 2″ down and 4″ back to a 39° rake. Gave her some curves for the down tubes with a nice backbone. I’m lucky enough to have found NOS front and rear original 7 Star Morris mag wheels, 18″ rear and 19″ front, that I plan on polishing to a shine and clear coating. I CNC milled and adapted a juice drum for the rear. The front end is a 6″ over (Mullins chain drive tripple trees) super skinny narrow glide. I’ll have to make some modifications for a 7star single disk front brake. I reached out to zombie performance for the 8 inch mini apes. I found a petrol tank at the good old SoCal swap meet.. I’ll be fabricating the seat pan, sissy and oil bath.. the rear fender is a ribbed 4 inch wide with a scoop up. Fully polished motor.. milled and engraved rocker, chain, timing, and primary covers..
I’ve dubbed this bike Saphire. Her fit and finish will consist of that 70s blue flake silver leafing white pinstriped juicilicious.. I’m still on the fence on how to upholster the seat.. maybe some polyester or that 70’s plastic sparkle ..
However this turns out Saphire will be one sexy curvy groovy far-out Chopper..

Name: Henry Schell
Location: Frankfort, KS, USA
Instagram: @henrys_chop_shop

Born and raised in north east Kansas, from a family with a long history in farming and Chopper life style.

The bike I’m building for Biltwell Peoples Champ is a 1990 FXR, chopped 14 up 7 out 45degree rake. A chopper to me should have be stock at one time in its life. With just enough hand made parts and just enough stock parts to know where its life began. It doesn’t have to be perfect, nor does it have to be clean or full of chrome, just built from what was available at the time to minimize cost, it just has to have that look. I own several different choppers Pans, shovels, Ironheads, but nothing screams MIDWEST CHOPPER like a chopped rubber mount FXR. Inspiration comes from my Dad and Family along with many other Midwest legends. I was always told as a youngster to write my own story and not use someone else’s coat tails to get you through life. The chopper supporting a Crazy Frank Fender (for the particular Harley rider) Given to me many years ago modified to my own spin , Westcoast Chopper Tank modified coffin tank , which will hold the memory of many brothers and mentors who have passed on, Hand cut sissybar , Metal Seat Pan ,shop logos , a hand forged knife oil dip stick made by my 13 year old son from an old crazy frank sissy bar, 107’’ S&S Engine, Dual carb, turbo charged hand cut primary all hand engraved, custom molded and painted. Pretty much do it all, Fab, Weld, Paint, wire assembly, & RIDE IT.

Name: Zach Scott
Location: Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA
Instagram: @zach_the_gripper

Hey there! My name is Zach and I’m down here in old piece of shit Florida chipping away at my Panhead build. Its a mix of late 60s and early 70s Santa Cruz hot rod flavor mixed with Japan and 70s era drag racing diggers. I Have the rough shape of the Tracy body I’m building as well as getting the Triumph Preunit transmission mounted, currently the frame is cut in half while fitting the pan motor but should be back together pretty soon. My plan for the motor is to shorten the overall height by .547 thousandths, shaved flywheels, lightened cam chest gears and valve train. To top it off I’m making a set of dual carb, dual plug heads with two Amal 32mm carbs and some zoomie style pipes. Still have a lot to do but its progressing and the closer it gets the more excited I am for the build. Thanks for your time and don’t forget to vote!

Dakota Toomey
Instagram: @dakota459
Location: Mt. Laurel, NJ, USA

I’m building a 1956 panhead straight leg frame with a pre unit front end . The bike will be completely molded (tank oil tank rear fender seat etc) the bike will be painted a solid color and a ton of chrome and polish work this is my first build of the level so we will see how it turns out . I will be doing all the work by myself including the entire rebuild of the engine and trans along with the body work and paint ! This is a huge undertaking for me being that I have very minimal tooling and I work 6 days a week and also have a four month old !

Alright voters, figure out your favorite 13 builders and bikes and be ready to vote this Friday, 8th.

  • Glen UP YERS & a double F YOU!

    @rewerb70 (Kyle Brewer) got my vote… this bike and the lines are amazing.

  • Tim N Cathy Elliott

    Matt Pontano has my vote

  • Chrissy Fanz McLemore

    Matt pontano has my vote

  • Justin Dylan Jeremiah Cusson

    My vote is matt pontano

  • Eric Mclemore

    My vote is for matt pontano

  • Vincent Greco

    My vote is for Matt Pontano

  • Tiffany DeAnne

    My vote is for Matt Pontano

  • Jack B

    Casting my vote for Matt Pontano

  • Doug Howie

    My vote is for Matt Pontano

  • Adar R

    Well I don’t know about y’all but my vote goes to ANTHONY ROBINSON

  • Kevin Lockman

    My vote goes to Matt Pontano

  • ridgerunner

    FXR’s forever, Henry Schell.

  • Joseph Ward

    Matt pontano has my vote

  • Kelly Turner

    My vote is for Matt Pontano

  • Kenny Lundberg

    @Biltwell where’s Caleb Dengon at?

  • Riverside

    Jeff Dillon forever

  • Ashley fernandez

    I vote for Matt pontano

  • Sean Svatos

    My vote is for Eric Greenfeild The Lucky 13, Good Job

  • Chris

    My vote is for Kyle Brewer!

  • Michael Wegener

    I vote for Tom Heavey

  • Ekaj Thgih

    I vote for Henry Schell

  • Tori Sheehan

    My vote is for Kyle Brewer

  • Jared Little

    My vote is for Matt Pontano

  • James clancy

    My vote is for Matt Pontano

  • Vincent Greco

    I vote for Matt Pontano

  • Doug Kiessling

    Henry schell

  • Jessica Barbrey

    I vote for Tom Heavey

  • Cannon Miller

    My vote is Tom Heavey!!!!

  • Sean Svatos

    I vote Eric Greenfield , out of Aurora, Colotado

  • rdstrait

    Tom Heavey

  • William R. Schnarr

    Matt Pontano

  • Mikyle Ede

    Anthony Robinson