Aaron Mason’s 1954 Triumph Chopper

Our buddy Aaron Mason, owner of Old Rose Tattoo here in Temecula, CA has a healthy stable of custom motorcycles. The old saying goes something like “Triumph. Makes a mechanic out of any man”.  Aaron lives up to the phrase and poured a couple years of sweat and tears into this machine and it shows.

Here’s a quick spec sheet, even though you probably just wanna look at the photos…

Motor – 1954 t110 with Bonneville heads and 750cc kit built by Wes white
1950 frame front loop and FMW 2″ stretch rear section
Small city cycles finned primary cover
19″ rear wheel 21″ up front
Modified triumph cub oil bag for electrical box
Wassell banana tank
Painted by Matt Ross

And of course, a bunch of Biltwell stuff:
Narrowed Chump handlebars
Thinline Seat
Whiskey Throttle
Recoil Grips
Stainless Seat Hinge
DIY Pipe Kit
Model B Tail Lights

Aaron Mason's 1954 Triumph