Five Things You Need To Know About The Kernville Kampout

Kernville Kampout 2016

The Second Annual Kernville Kampout is coming up October 14-16, but you already knew that. Here’s a handful of things you may not be aware of:

Kernville Kampout Free Camping

 1) Camping is Free.

Yep. We teamed up with friends and sponsors so we could make camping free. We’ve reserved the entire campground. Please don’t bring giant RV’s and trailer queens. This is intended to be mostly motorcycle camping with a few vans, trucks, etc but is certainly not an RV club event. Just pull in any time after 2:00PM on Friday and pick a spot.

Kernville Kampout Beer

 2) 805 Beer is tasty.

Just like last year, we will have a ton of ice-cold 805 on hand.

kernville kampground location

3) Location, location, location.

Frandy Campground is right in the middle of town, along the river and easy walking distance to our favorite night spot: the Kernville Saloon. Fishing, tubing, wading, etc in the river is not just allowed, it is encouraged.

kernville kampout guana batz

4) Live music from Guana Batz.

Talk about an upgrade over last year! Our friend Pip and the energetic assemble known as the Guana Batz will be live on stage Saturday night, so be ready!


5) Tattoo trailer.

The talented artists from Temecula’s Old Rose Tattoo are bringing a trailer set-up and will be tattooing Friday and Saturday night. This won’t be complicated or free. No reservations, just walk up and wait your turn. They will have a special flash sheet just for this event, plus other stuff to choose from.

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