Instagram: @superiorvintageiron

Location: San Jose, California

Bike Year / Motor: 1955 / Panhead

What have you done? Have completed the majority of the fabrication. Transmission and primary are fully done. Front end and headlight mount is complete. Basically the rolling chassis with a couple of odds and ends left.

What do you have left to do? Finish the engine, final weld and polish fabricated parts. Send parts out for chrome plating. Body work and paint.

Any problems so far? Biggest issue I have encountered is knowing when to say enough. Machining twisted square bar is not fun, so that’s been a challenge.

Favorite part of the bike so far? Sissy bar and the exhaust.

Favorite part of the competition? I like the fact that it’s a challenge to get a bike done with other folks competing around the world. Amazing to think how choppers are a worldwide thing. Loving that this year is really all about choppers.

Want to give any shout outs? Kayson, Mikey, Alex, Big Mike, Tony, and Biltwell for keeping this going.