Instagram: @zeeetow

Location: Gloucester City, New Jersey

Bike Year / Motor: 1969 / Triumph Bonneville

What have you done? Modified frame using a ‘59 rear half and ‘69 front half. Fork is 4” over ‘65 BSA. Built wheels - 19” rear to chromed Triumph hub/brake & 21” front to Hallcraft spool. Rebuilt motor/trans (stock internals), Modified ‘69 oil tank to fit. Modified tunnel of Wassell banana fuel tank to fit frame. Fabricated sissybar to fit swingarm frame & brace seat/fender. Many parts show chromed & polished. Frame is powdercoated and sheet metal painted to match but with metallic base, pearl flames with metallic silver pin striping. Batteryless ignition with lighting coil and CDI.

What do you have left to do? Nothing. Bike is complete.

Any problems so far? Nothing too crazy. Had to swap out the clutch and do a little carb tuning to get it running best with the pipes and velocity stacks. Couple small leaks here and there but overall I’m really happy with how it runs and rides.

Favorite part of the bike so far? I really like how the motor looks with the polished top end and covers. The pipes and velocity stacks on the polished carbs really look wild in the sun.

Favorite part of the competition? At the end, everyone ends up with a killer bike they can be proud of and some new friends.

Want to give any shout outs? John at J & M for the wild p-coat and parts, Dave at Classic Cycles for parts, Pete for the paint, Superchrome for the chrome and polishing, Randy for the engine machining, Andy of Pangea for the inspiration to get involved and to finish this bike after draggin’ ass for 5 years on it. Also most importantly my wife Michelle for always being supportive of all my motorcycle related adventures.