Important: The Biltwell Whiskey throttle is designed for compatibility with a wide range of H-D model year throttle assemblies, but as with all custom motorcycle parts, 100% retrofitment can never be guaranteed. We tested and assembled the Whiskey throttle on a variety of different stock Harley and custom motorcycles during development, but fitment evaluation with every throttle housing, carb and cable combination is virtually impossible. If your current combination of cable(s) doesn%u2019t work with the Whiskey Throttle, new cables and/or mild cable customizing might be required.

If you have never serviced or assembled the throttle on your motorcycle, we strongly recommend seeking the assistance of a motorcycle maintenance or customizing professional. Improper throttle installation and/or carb and cable adjustment can lead to serious injury or death.


STEP 1: Organize your tools. You'll need Torx drivers: one for the brake lever clamp and a second smaller size for the throttle control pod. Other tools include a 4mm Allen wrench for the Whiskey throttle clamshell and one each 3/8" and 10mm open-end wrenches to fine-tune cables after assembly. Depending on the accessibility of the throttle cable(s) at the carb, you may need tools to remove the breather. Other materials shown include a strip of 200-grit sandpaper, some masking tape and light assembly lube.

STEP 2: Remove the Torx bolts and clamp from the front brake lever and loosen the Torx on the throttle pod. Carefully remove the master cylinder assembly from the locating tab inside the throttle control pod and move it out of the workspace.

STEP 3: Open the throttle control pod and slide the throttle grip off the handlebar end. Depending on the length of your control wires and/or the width of your handlebars, it may be necessary to remove the bars from the risers.

STEP 4: Remove the cable ends from the old grip, being careful not to lose the brass barrels during this process.

STEP 5: Test fit the brass cable barrel end(s) in the alloy tube of your Whiskey throttle. Depending on their age, size or condition, it may be necessary to hone out the barrel holes on the throttle tube for a smooth fit. If this is the case, go to step 6. If the brass barrel ends slip into your Whiskey throttle tube easily, skip to step 9.

STEP 6: Make a honing tool by taping a strip of medium-grit sandpaper to the end of a small Allen wrench.

STEP 7: Twist the honing tool gently inside both barrel slots on your Whiskey throttle tube. Doing so will remove any microscopic burrs that have been left behind during the CNC manufacturing process.

STEP 8: Check your progress periodically by inserting the brass barrel into the hole on the throttle tube. When you're satisfied with the ease of barrel fitment, repeat step 7 for the Push/Return cable.

STEP 9: To make installing the Whiskey throttle tube easier, you may find it helpful to remove the cable ends from the cam-shaped throttle actuator on your carburetor or fuel injector. Depending on the length and routing of your cables, it may be necessary to remove the air cleaner to gain access to this part of your fuel system. Do this according to the manual for your model of air cleaner.

STEP 10: Pull both cable wires through the stock throttle pod assembly. Slip one brass barrel over the lead ball on each cable end and insert each ball/barrel assembly into its corresponding hole on the Whiskey throttle tube. The aluminum material surrounding both barrel holes is different. The aluminum material behind the Push/Return barrel hole is thinner. Also, the Push/Return barrel hole faces the rider when he is seated on the bike and the throttle tube is on the right handlebar end. This step is important, and must be done correctly to ensure safe operation of the assembled throttle. If you have doubts, consult a professional.

STEP 11: Put a thin layer of light assembly lube on the right handlebar end and slide the Whiskey throttle tube and control pod assembly into position, paying special attention to the path of the wiring harness leading outside the control pod. When routed correctly, the thick black bundle of wires will align beneath the dimple on the handlebar. Grease the threads of the small Torx that secure the throttle pod and screw them in place. Do not tighten the throttle pod yet.

STEP 12: Lightly grease the threads of the large Torx that secure the brake lever and re-install on the handlebar, making sure the wire bundle runs smoothly beneath the lever perch and inside the dimple on the handlebar. Do not tighten the brake lever yet.

STEP 13: If the wire bundle is safely routed inside the handlebar dimple and underneath the brake lever, and if the brake lever perch is correctly fastened to the locating tab inside the throttle pod, NOW you are ready to tighten both assemblies. Before doing so, make sure there is between 1/8" and 1/4" of endplay between the Whiskey throttle tube and the pod assembly. To test endplay, gently wiggle the tube back and forth along the plane of the handlebar. If the throttle assembly is mashed too far inward, the Whiskey throttle tube will bind against the throttle pod assembly and/or the end of the handlebar. Either condition will inhibit smooth throttle operation. Once endplay is correct, tighten the throttle assembly first, followed by the brake lever.

STEP 14: Pull the carb ends of both throttle cables tightly and reinstall them on the throttle actuator, making sure to install each one in their correct hole on the cam. The Pull/Accelerate cable on the throttle pulls against the spring tension of this cam and opens the butterfly; the other cable fastens into the remaining hole on the cam to close the butterfly when you twist the throttle grip clockwise. Do not re-install the breather assembly yet.

STEP 15: Check cable play at the throttle by turning the throttle back and forth approximately 1/16th of a revolution in its housing. When the Pull/Accelerate cable is tensioned correctly, butterfly actuation should be immediate. If the throttle tube moves more than 1/16th of a revolution before actuating the butterfly, take up cable slack by extending the threaded barrel adjusters on the cable. This increases the effective length of the cable housing to take up slack at the throttle. Use two open-end wrenches to secure cable adjustment once proper throttle action is achieved.

FINISHING UP: If you removed the air cleaner, re-install it at this time. Start (BUT DO NOT RIDE!) your motorcycle to check throttle function. If the bike idles high, check cable play adjustment as described in step 15. If throttle tube play has been adjusted too precisely, this can cause the bike to rev higher than appropriate at rest. Next, make sure your throttle doesn't stick under acceleration. If this occurs, check throttle tube endplay as described in step 13.