Handlebar Install Tips, Tricks, & FAQ

Installing new handlebars should be well within the skill set of most home mechanics. If you are uncomfortable with the process, please consult a motorcycle service professional. The following links and FAQ’s should answer any questions you might have on the subject.

How-to install non-dimpled bars on a H-D with stock control pods

How to make a long throttle cable out of a BMX brake cable

Common Questions & Answers:

Q: Will these bars fit my bike?
A: This is an ambiguous question. Which bars? What motorcycle? How tall are your risers? How short are your cables? If you really want our advice, please be thorough as possible in your inquiry. Tell is your bike specs (fork style, motorcycle make/model, hand controls specs, etc.) This information is required to make an accurately assess your fitment dilemma.

Q: Will I need to get new cables for my 20XX Sportster?
A: Not all factory bikes are exactly the same, and there is no way to know whether your ten-year-old machine has aftermarket cables, wires, brake lines, etc. Use this chart as a guide:
• Biltwell Tracker, Moto, Clubman, Keystones and Low Drag bars generally fit stock-length wires, cables and triple trees on late-model Sportsters
• Biltwell Window, Frisco and Chumps generally fit stock-length wires, cables and triple trees on Dynas and Softails
• Apes generally require longer cables and wiring to fit any bike with standard hand controls (brake and clutch levers, for example)

Q: Can I narrow dimpled bars?
A: You can, but doing so may compromise the function and safety of your throttle. Reason: the tool that puts the dimple in the bar increases the outside diameter of the tubing slightly. If you want to make your handlebars as narrow as possible, use non-dimpled bars and install your stock H-D hand controls according to the instructions on the link above.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Biltwell bars I want to buy?
A: Every Biltwell handlebar listing in our web store includes a blueprint in the photo gallery. These blueprints show width, height, back sweep and other measurements for every bar in our line.

Q: What is the difference between dimpled and non-dimpled handlebars? How do I know which style is right for my motorcycle?
“Dimples” are the 2-inch-long indentations on the underside of each handlebar end on select Biltwell handlebar models. The wire clusters on stock Harley-Davidson electrical switches rest inside these dimples and are held in place by the bar clamps on stock H-D brake and clutch levers. If you intend to keep your stock H-D switchgear and hand controls, dimpled bars are the right choice. If your bike has no front brakes, a foot clutch, no bar-mounted electrical switches or similarly custom control setup, non-dimpled (smooth) handlebars are the way to go.

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