How to install Biltwell Rubber Grips:
Putting grips on your motorcycle is pretty easy, we'll show you how. You'll need an aftermarket throttle tube and of course, we recommend our billet aluminum Whiskey Throttle tube.


STEP 1: Remove the old grip on the left side of handlebars and clean the throttle tube and the exposed bar end with contact cleaner to remove all grease, glue and other residue.


STEP 2: Spray a light coating of Super 77 aerosol adhesive glue by 3M into the grip for the left handlebar. The grip for the left handlebar will always have a smaller hole than the throttle grip. Drain the overspray into a disposable towel before sliding the grip onto the handlebar.

NOTE: If you choose to use any other glue than the recommended adhesive above, your grips will be succeptible to splitting as the rubber is sensitive to various compounds and chemicals contained in other adhesives. If your grips split or become damaged due to use of any other spray adhesive than 3M Super 77 aerosol adhesive, they will not be applicable for warranty.


STEP 3: Quickly push and twist the grip firmly onto the handlebar, making sure the inside end butts tightly to the end of the handlebar. Do not beat the grip onto the bar with a hammer. Doing so will turn the bar end into a cookie cutter and puncture the grip end.


STEP 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the throttle side, making sure to use the grip with the larger of the two holes. If the throttle tube on your motorcycle is open-ended, we strongly recommend NOT USING GLUE to install your grips. Glue residue can and will get between your throttle tube and handlebar, resulting in sticky and potentially dangerous throttle performance.

FINISHING UP: Wipe off any glue residue that may have accumulated on the grip flange with a ling-free disposable towel. Do not use strong petroleum-based chemicals like brake cleaner or carb cleaner to clean up after installation, as these fluids can melt the soft rubber material of your new grips.