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Apparel Info
Are there sizing charts available for the apparel? Yes, to see sizing charts for all of our apparel please click here.

Can I return an item for a refund? Yes, you can return new, unworn or unopened items for a refund within 90 days of purchase. Please see below on the procedure for returning an item. If a product is not new, that is it has been installed or has damage (for instance handlebars with clamp marks) we cannot except a return. When returning items please make sure items are well packaged, any items that are damaged on the way back to us due to improper packaging will not be refunded as we will not be able to sell it again. You cannot return custom or special order items such as oil tanks, fenders, magnetos and frames so make sure to ask any fitment / application questions before ordering! All returns are credited back your full purchase amount (not including your shipping) to your credit card or paypal depending on which method you paid with. We do not exchange items due to the limited nature of some of our products.

Electrical Products We do not warranty electrical items, if there is any defect or fault we will help to try and figure the issue out, but any warranty offered or manufacturing defect will have to be addressed directly with the manufacturer. If an item is new, unused and unmounted in original packaging we will accept returns as usual.

Can I exchange an apparel item for a different size? We do not do direct exchanges, however you can purchase the proper size apparel item and return the unworn, unwanted one for a refund. See below for the proper return procedure. If apparel items have been worn or washed we will not accept returns!

How do I return an item? To return an item you MUST first contact us at and get a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number which needs to be written visibly on the outside of the package. Any packages coming back to us without a proper RMA number on the outside of the package will be refused and returned to sender. ***Please make sure to email us for the RMA number as we need this in writing for our records, it cannot be done over the phone

Payment & Shipping
When Will My Order Ship? Orders ship out Monday - Friday 8am-4pm Eastern, and typically ship out the same day or within 24 hours (not including weekends). Keep in mind if you order 2nd day air at 8pm at night that will not ship until the next day! If you need it by a specific date and are unsure of what service to choose feel free to call or email us and we will be glad to help out. Some custom order items such as hardtails and magnetos ship separately once completed, please refer to the listings for those items for current lead times.

Domestic (USA) Shipping Our primary domestic shipping method is UPS. We chose this method because it matches the service level we offer to all of our customers. We want to make sure the packages we ship have point by point tracking, insurance in case of an issue, that the package will get to you on time, and in great condition! We charge actual shipping based off of your order (weight and dimension) as well as your address; We do not add on any additional handling or service charges!

USPS is only offered for lighter weight, low value shipments. We limit this because they do not offer true tracking and a offer a lower service level. We charge actual shipping rates and do not add on any additional handling or service charges!

Shipping Internationally We ship world-wide. UPS is the best service with several options available depending on the country you reside in. There may be additional customs duties or brokerage fees based on what your countries laws are and we do not have any control over these. UPS offers excellent point by point tracking and is typically 3 - 4 days anywhere in the world. It costs more but you will know where your package is and you will be sure to receive it fast!

USPS First Class International typically takes 2-6 weeks and has minimal tracking, once it leaves the country it will not be updated until it clears customs. This is the cheap option for light low value packages, but you get what you pay for! USPS Priority International is faster and has better tracking, and typically arrives in 7 - 10 business days. The customs declaration number will not show an update until it is released from customs in your country.

Will you lower the value on packages for customs? We WILL NOT do this, it is illegal and we can not mark the value of your orders down. Even if you ask we can not do this and we have no control over any fees, duties or taxes your country or customs department may charge you. Please take this into account and if you are unsure research it with your customs department we are not familiar with every country's laws.

What types of payment does Lowbrow Customs accept? Lowbrow Customs is set up to take payment via your credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover), debit card, or through PayPal. You don't need to sign up for a PayPal account to check out, you can just enter your card info and address and it will process it like normal.

Is a secure site? Yes! We have a secure 128-bit encrypted checkout to ensure your personal data is protected. We have never had a single problem with any security issues.

General FAQ
Out Of Stock?
One thing that sets Lowbrow Customs apart is we will only sell you parts we have on hand and ready to ship Today! We do not pre-sell parts, take your money for parts we do not have on the shelf, and we do not drop ship (the only eception are Frames and Magnetos which are made to order).

We sometimes run out of stock on items we carry for several reasons, but we can guarantee that if it is out of stock it is on order! Many of the cool parts we carry are made in small one man shops who can not keep up with large volume orders or are imported from overseas from the UK, Sweden, Japan, Taiwain, etc. If you see an item you want, buy it, or tomorrow they may be gone! Keep in mind leaving items in your shopping cart does not put them on hold, only a completed order does that, so leaving items in your shopping cart does not do anything unless it is paid for! If the item has several variations (for example, velocity stacks for several different model carbs) but the option you want is not in the drop down menu, that means we are currently out of that variation. As soon as parts come back in stock we update the website immediately and they will be available for purchase.

If the item is out of stock, enter your email in the Out Of Stock notification box and recieve an email as soon as they item comes back in!

Does Lowbrow Customs offer wholesale pricing for vendors & stores? If you are interested in being a dealer of Lowbrow Customs products for your company you can find more information on our Dealer Info page.

Motorcycles We Make Frames For
We do not offer any one-off hardtails or frames for different make and model motorcycles, only the models you see in the Motorcycle Frames & Hardtails section.

British Frame Types, Years and Terms
'Unit' refers to unit Triumphs or BSAs. The 'unit' bikes have a motor and transmission that is one piece. Earlier 'Pre Units' have a transmission that is a separate piece from the engine. Unit 650 c.c. Triumphs were 1963 and later. The unit bolt-on hardtails also fit pre unit duplex frames, '60 - '62, which are characterized by the double-downtubes at the front of the frame.

Triumphs 1971 and newer are known as OIF or Oil-In-Frame models. They have a much thicker frame backbone and seat post, which serves as the oil tank. These OIF frames are different than the earlier styles and you cannot use a bolt-on hardtail on them. The rear section of the frame has to be cut and a weld-on hardtail welded in place in a jig by a professional welder.

Triumph unit bolt-on hardtails fit 1963 - 1970 bikes. '71 on up are known as Oil-In-Frame or OIF models, and you cannot use a bolt-on hardtail with these, the frames are different and would require a weld-on hardtail.

You can fit up to a size 140 tire in our hardtails or full frames without a problem. A wider tire will physically fit in the frame but you will have an issue in trying to keep the motor sprocket and the rear wheel sprocket in-line, and to keep the chain from eating at the side of the tire.
Stretch refers to the length of the bike, based on the measurement from axle-to-axle on a stock bike. So a 4" stretch gives you 4" more length axle-to-axle than on your stock bike. If you go with a 0" stretch you will NOT have room to mount an oil tank inside the hardtail between the seat post and the fender/wheel. You would have to use a stock-type or side mounted oil tank.

With a 2" stretch it gives you more room and allows you to use an approximately 5" diameter oil tank. A 4" stretch allows even more room and you can do a bit larger oil tank or still mount a 5" diameter tank with a little more room to spare so it isn't so tight. A 4" stretch gives you a nice line from the backbone of your stock front frame section right down to the rear axle, it keeps it pretty much one continuous line.
Drop refers to the ride height of your bike. When you choose a hardtail with drop, it is lowering the rear and of the bike. So for instance (measure your own bike to determine the actual ride height), if you happen to have 5" of clearance on a stock bike with stock wheels, and you install a hardtail with 2.5" of drop it will lower the rear of the frame so it has 2.5" of ground clearance. If you want your frame to sit level and you lower the rear you will have to either shorten your front end or rake it.

Frame Shipping
Why am I being charged shipping even though a frame is over $100? If you read the description for the frames it says: "Frames are EXCLUDED from the free shipping over $100.00 special "

Frames ship direct from David Bird in the time stated on the product listing, when they ship we will email you tracking information!

NOTE TO AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: If you are in Australia or New Zealand there may be additional charges other than calculated upon checkout. These countries have strict import laws regarding package dimensions so depending on the size of the hardtail ordered it may have to ship freight or there may be additional charges. We will email you with an update after the order is placed and we can calculate dimensions and costs.

Handlebar Install Tips, Tricks & FAQ

Installing new motorcycle handlebars should be well within the skill set of most home mechanics. If you are uncomfortable with the process, please consult a motorcycle service professional. The following links and FAQ's should answer any questions you might have on the subject.

Common Questions & Answers:

Q: Will these bars fit my bike?
A: This is an ambiguous question. Which bars? What motorcycle? How tall are your risers? How short are your cables? If you really want our advice, please be thorough as possible in your inquiry. Tell is your bike specs (fork style, motorcycle make/model, hand controls specs, etc.) This information is required to make an accurately assess your fitment dilemma.

Q: Will I need to get new cables for my 20XX Sportster?
A: Not all factory bikes are exactly the same, and there is no way to know whether your ten-year-old machine has aftermarket cables, wires, brake lines, etc. Use this chart as a guide:
- Biltwell Tracker, Moto, Clubman, Keystones and Low Drag bars generally fit stock-length wires, cables and triple trees on late-model Sportsters
- Biltwell Window, Frisco and Chumps generally fit stock-length wires, cables and triple trees on Dynas and Softails
- Apes generally require longer cables and wiring to fit any bike with standard hand controls (brake and clutch levers, for example)

Q: Can I narrow dimpled bars?
A: You can, but doing so may compromise the function and safety of your throttle. Reason: the tool that puts the dimple in the bar increases the outside diameter of the tubing slightly. If you want to make your handlebars as narrow as possible, use non-dimpled bars and install your stock H-D hand controls according to the instructions on the link above.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Biltwell bars I want to buy?
A: Every Biltwell handlebar listing in our web store includes a blueprint in the photo gallery. These blueprints show width, height, back sweep and other measurements for every bar in our line.

Q: What is the difference between dimpled and non-dimpled handlebars? How do I know which style is right for my motorcycle?
A: Dimples are the 2-inch-long indentations on the underside of each handlebar end on select Biltwell handlebar models. The wire clusters on stock Harley-Davidson electrical switches rest inside these dimples and are held in place by the bar clamps on stock H-D brake and clutch levers. If you intend to keep your stock H-D switchgear and hand controls, dimpled bars are the right choice. If your bike has no front brakes, a foot clutch, no bar-mounted electrical switches or similarly custom control setup, non-dimpled (smooth) handlebars are the way to go.