We stock what we sell

Taking a customer’s money for a product that isn’t on their shelves is common in online retailing, and it always leads to disappointment. At Trinormous, we don’t play that game. We stock what we sell and strive to process every order in 24 hours or less. Should something you order from Trinormous be out of stock, we’ll contact you immediately to offer a full refund, then upgrade your freight if you choose to wait. It’s our way of gaining confidence and loyalty from our customers.

Committed to Making a Difference

The Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) is a unique non-profit organization that helps individuals with physical challenges get involved – and stay involved – in sports.  To help support their mission, Trinormous donates 1% of gross sales to CAF every quarter.  Like you, Trinormous and the Challenged Athletes Foundation believe that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.

Staying Grounded While Evolving

The products we stock at Trinormous are things we use and believe in, manufactured by companies we know and trust. We use feedback from fellow athletes to select every garment, supplement, accessory and training aid featured in our store. If a product you believe in isn’t on Trinormous, please share your experience. Like you, we’re always looking for a competitive edge, and satisfied customers are the best focus group available.


Trinormous founders share over two decades of combined website development and online retailing experience. Members of our staff are endurance athletes that compete in all distances on a regular basis. This combination of professional experience and personal passion gives Trinormous an edge athletes like you can appreciate. You work hard and you train hard. Don’t waste valuable time and money on gear and supplements from anyone who doesn’t share your commitment.