360 degree product photography

In an effort to continually deliver the best product experience possible to online shoppers, Biltwell decided to give hoot’s interactive imaging a spin for 2016. 


Hoot offers revolutionary 360 degree product photography and operational imaging services to brands that empower consumers to view a product from every angle online and interact with it as if they’re holding it in their hands. This delivers the information needed to make a confident purchasing experience. 


Our company manifesto is guided by the principle to consistently design and manufacture motorcycle parts and accessories that exceed the standards of honesty, value, and performance. Enabling our customers to view our 2016 helmets in 3D photography aligned with our core values completely. 


As one of our top selling products, it made sense to start with our helmet line to exhibit the various models and features from all sides. Now every painstaking detail, unique shape, and stylish design can easily be examined with 360 photography. Hoot’s product representation helps accomplish just that, without a consumer ever having to step foot into a store. 


We’re excited to see how hoot’s product photography assists in providing our customers with the information they need and make a positive impact on their online experience. Any feedback and/or thoughts from our customers is welcomed and appreciated.