Kung Fu Grips - Natural

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5 Star Rating
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Construction: Injection-molded Krayton synthetic rubber

Fitment:These grips are made from the same material used in dirt bike and BMX grips: Kraton Rubber. They are softer and more comfortable but also wear quicker. Just like a dirt bike, plan on changing them often, depending on how hard you ride and in what conditions.

Details: Scroll down for Installation Tips. We recommend using WD-40 to install the grips and suggest letting them dry overnight. Adding a ring of safety wire on each end is a standard moto practice and all of our grips have grooves to accommodate this.

Note: Using Biltwell rubber grips on H-Ds will often require that your motorcycle is equipped with an aftermarket throttle tube (our Whiskey throttle tube, for instance). The grips do not have a built in plastic throttle tube, they are meant to slide over a higher-quality aluminum tube.

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5 Star Rating

05/04/2015 07:49am

As nice as I thought these grips were gonna be, they exceeded my expectations tenfold. I can't really see myself buying another brand grip.


Noel Elpedes
5 Star Rating

11/19/2014 12:30pm

Comfy! Look great. Affordable. What more can I say?


5 Star Rating

08/19/2014 04:42pm

Great grips, just like riding the old BMX again!


5 Star Rating

08/14/2014 01:07pm

They aren't as bright in person. More of a amber than an orange. I am very happy about this.


Stuart Conway
5 Star Rating

08/16/2013 12:23pm

Great grips , look and feel amazing . Managed to fit them in my stock harley throttle surprisingly easily .


Jeremiah Bullfrog
5 Star Rating

04/23/2013 04:57pm

I love these grips. They are squishy like gel and feel great on my hands and they cut some vibration out.


Thomas Nix
5 Star Rating

03/10/2013 10:06pm

Great look and feel. very pleased


5 Star Rating

10/28/2012 05:10pm

looked good for about a month. they did not stand up to the az heat and turned into a sticky mess of gummy bears.


Brian Evans
5 Star Rating

09/09/2012 08:09am

The Kung Fu grips are awesome. I can ride for hours without any hand fatigue and they look badass on my Friscos. Thanks Biltwell!


5 Star Rating

05/07/2012 08:31pm

My Kung Fu grips came in the mail only 4 days after being ordered, great shipping time up to Canada! They do look less vibrant that in the photos, but they are calssified as a natural rubber colored grip, so myself personally wouldn't expect them to me "orangy". Tons of awesome free stuff, great stickers! Very happy with the grips and the other products and will very much consider buying again in the future.


5 Star Rating

04/19/2012 08:30pm

Great Grips! These show up as being a lot more orange in the pictures. When I got them I was a little disappointed to find out that they were just a plain rubber color. Either way they are cool grips that are surprisingly comfortable, a hell of a lot more comfortable than stock harley grips and at a great price to boot.


Zachary Dorworth
5 Star Rating

04/13/2011 02:04pm

Bawlin grips, deff. comfortable, and have that old school look. Very nice


5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:02pm

Great set of grips. The Bitwell team were very helpful as well.


Tall Tony
5 Star Rating

11/09/2010 08:46pm

these look great, but when will the 1" be ready?!!