Cheek Pad Set - DOT Gringo / Gringo S

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Fitment: Replacement cheek pads for DOT only Gringo & Gringo S helmets can be used to fine-tune the fit and comfort of your helmet for a more personalized fit when needed.

Construction: Gringo and Gringo S cheek pads feature synthetic open-cell foam padding in a range of different thicknesses for customizable comfort. This material 'breathes" to accelerate drying and to reduce moisture buildup. The pad's exterior is constructed with brushed fleece Lycra panels on touch points and woven polyester material around the perimeter to enhance airflow.

Care: Never throw cheek pads in the washer or dryer. Instead, carefully remove the pieces and hand wash them in the sink with mild soapy water—Palmolive and Dawn dishwashing liquids work great. Let the components air dry 24 hours before reinstalling them to avoid dampness or mildew.

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5 Star Rating

10/03/2018 03:07pm

I bought a large Gringo Helmet and love it! The only problem was the cheek pads were a little too tight around my face. I ordered the 21mm cheek pads to replace the ones that came with the large Gringo Helmet (29mm) and it made the helmet fit 100 times better! Definitely recommend.