Bubble Shield Anti-Fog - Clear

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Overview: Anti-Fog injection-molded polycarbonate shields in solid and mirror finishes. Plated snaps feature the Biltwell anvil logo. Fits stock 3-snap visor configuration on most helmets. Accept no substitutes: make sure the next bubble shield you own features the "Biltwell" script logo.

UV Tested: Biltwell Bubble Shields are UV rated at UV +50 with over 91% UVA block and over 99% UVB block. Shields were evaluated for UV resistance as per test method AATCC 183.

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Roger Maag
5 Star Rating

09/26/2015 09:29pm

Used the clear bubble shield on a 1200 mile round trip. Very good shield, easy to clean the bugs off when stopping for fuel. Liked the air flow coming under the shield. Need to order me a smoked one sometime.


5 Star Rating

05/22/2015 01:12pm

Love this shield. Perfect to keep the buggies out of my teeth and yet my beard can still breathe!


Freakie Pete WVboy
5 Star Rating

12/18/2012 07:06pm

my sweet, sweet mother didn't like the late 50s, early 60s half helmet i have been wearing the last 20 yrs, so for christmas 2012 she wanted to get me a dot helmet. I said "ma, them get me a Biltwell Hustler with a bubble shield. the biltwell site was out of dot hustlers, but Lowbrow Customs had a flat copper XL hustler left around and a plethora of bubble shields and she ordered my christmas present!!! it arrived in 2 days. yes, i said TWO days. sorry i'm rambling, point is, i now own a Biltwell Inc DOT Hussler in flat copper with a clear bubble shield and i am a happy mutha f#*ka with the craftsmanship!!! GO Biltwell Inc and all the lil shops across the country that carry their AWESOME apparel and parts!! aight, i'm done. how's charlie say it? "HIGH SPEED low drag mother fu*#ers


Nine Six
5 Star Rating

10/12/2012 09:52am

Badass! Soo much better than the NOS one I had. Fits my novelty helmet perfectly.


shawn zinn
5 Star Rating

12/24/2011 04:57am

got it yesterday and im stoked!! super fast shipping as usual and fits my fulmer v2 like a glove!!