Moto Gloves - Black

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5 Star Rating
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• Two-way stretch polyester back panels
• Single layer synthetic leather palm w/ reinforced thumbs
• Velcro closure on back of wrist reduces snagging
• Lycra expansion panels in fingers for comfortable fit
• Expanding knuckle joints for better dexterity
• Screenprinted traction tips on first two fingers

Overview: Anyone who has ridden dirt bikes or BMX will appreciate our Moto gloves. Like so many other garage builders and bikeriders, we love the thin palms and snug fit of modern mechanic’s gloves, but can do without their NASCAR-approved colors and graphics. For pure understatement, Biltwell Moto gloves certainly deliver. It doesn’t get much more stealth than black on black. The fingers on Moto gloves run long and stretchy, so we recommend going down one size to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

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5 Star Rating

07/25/2018 07:07am

My favorite gloves! Wear them everywhere, even fancy formal dinners!!


5 Star Rating

07/11/2018 07:40am

My every day glove. I love the fit and the grip. Dry fast. This is my second pair.


5 Star Rating

04/27/2018 10:22pm

Great lightweight glove. Has padding in the right spots and flex in right spots. Not great for cold but it’s a lightweight glove so.... also definitely size down because like the description says, run tad big.


Chad Ridings
5 Star Rating

04/07/2018 10:56am

I agree with others that these are the best gloves, period. Great for summer, spring, and fine in the winter months if you use grip warmers. Light weight and non-intrusive, it's almost like you're not wearing gloves... and they're super durable. I have 4 pairs, got them because they're affordable... I'm still on my first pair, a year + later... so you should be able to get a season or two out of these depending on your riding style and how you treat your gear. General heads-up... if they start to get that sour smell from sweat... soak them a sink filled with water and 2 cups of white vinegar... let them soak overnight, then let them dry for a day or two... and your gloves won't reek anymore. That's my helpful tip for the day, enjoy and safe riding!


Carl Newman
5 Star Rating

01/26/2018 01:11pm

These gloves are freaking awesome. I am an everyday glove wearer and being from AZ, I need something that I can wear in the heat and get some airflow, and these gloves are just what the Dr ordered. The are comfortable, flexible, and airy. I highly recommend these gloves.


Brian Kolar
5 Star Rating

06/21/2017 01:09pm

very comfy & great fit, however the left hand glove fingers did pill/wear out quickly, (clutch fingers) - upgrading to the BANTAM may be a better bet if you want the glove to last longer


5 Star Rating

02/08/2017 08:11am

I'm a new rider. Purchased these gloves about 6 months ago...these were my first pair of gloves! They are comfortable, lightweight, flexible, firm grip, the mesh allows some breeze to come through which is great on hot days but not so much on cold days. Still better than nothing though. Velcro strap is great. Overall, I'm very please with these gloves!


Vinny G.
5 Star Rating

01/06/2017 04:12pm

Got my first pair 5 yrs ago. Finally wore them out. Just got a second pair for Christmas. They are the best gloves on the market for sure. Order a size down.


5 Star Rating

04/14/2016 05:55pm

Really love these gloves. Feel durable and fresh, definitely worth it!


5 Star Rating

04/14/2016 05:53pm

Really love these gloves thier fresh and feel durable. Definitely worth it!


Chase Anderson
5 Star Rating

03/28/2016 03:32pm

Great gloves. Lightweight and very comfortable. My only complaint is the Velcro strip in my opinion is a little too long. If it's not fully sinched then the Velcro grabs your shirt or jacket sleeve, if you are wearing one, but I still love them and will buy another pair when these wear out. Great product.


5 Star Rating

03/21/2016 04:25pm

Love these. Perfect light weight glove that provides a firm grip. Go down one size.


Daniel Carter
5 Star Rating

06/24/2015 09:43pm

Great gloves. Super comfortable and light and easy to get on and off. They grip nicely and do their job at an incredible price. I sized down because I was an XL in the Biltwell Work glove I tried on, I have to strap it as tight as possible so I cut the access plastic enclosure part that connects to the velco so that I don't have a lot of the plastic part sticking out. Easy fix, great glove, super comfortable, and unbeatable price. I love everything I've bought form Biltwell. I wish they made T shirts both short and long sleeve!


Miguel Fuentes
5 Star Rating

06/22/2015 07:32am

Best gloves period!


Raul Martinez
5 Star Rating

03/04/2015 11:55pm

Awesome gloves, i feel just like riding my BMX, i love them so much that i only use my leather gloves when is too cold, great job guys, it is for sure that i will grab me another pair of these when i finish with the ones i have in my jacket pocket


5 Star Rating

09/24/2014 07:50am

Very comfortable light gloves. Great for summer. The mesh just wore off after two seasons but well....


José Vargas
5 Star Rating

07/29/2014 04:36am

They came almost on the other side of the world, but perfect, very comfortable material, definitely repeat another purchase.


5 Star Rating

07/21/2014 11:49pm

I usually wear mechanics globes when I ride. My old gloves were falling apart and I ordered these LOVE THEM. They fit just like mechanics gloves do I usually wear a size large. Ordered a medium and they fit perfect.


5 Star Rating

07/09/2013 06:32pm

For me these are the best summer / spring gloves around. I wear XL and the fit is just perfect , the gloves are thin enough and air cooled enough to forget you even have them on. Great gloves Oh and yes I do get a kick out of the free stickers. By the way these are my 3rd pair.


Jim Zade
5 Star Rating

07/01/2013 06:27pm

very comfortable, definitely order one size smaller than you normally would.


Shy E.
5 Star Rating

06/09/2013 11:39am

Awesome gloves. Simple black with no pink unicorns and my little pony graphics to screw up the whole design and make you look like Richard Simmons at pride fest while doing your thing.
Not a glove to wear at -30° but a perfect glove for those chilly spots dropping through valleys in the middle of the night.
As others have stated. Buy one size smaller!!!!! These run in sizes made for Paul Bunions family.


5 Star Rating

05/09/2013 06:41pm

These are awesome. Like others have said, definitely buy one size smaller. I have a trick if you get them and they're too big (but you already cut the tags off like I did). Just wash them and throw them in the dryer. Perfect!


5 Star Rating

04/19/2013 07:04am

Excellent gloves. Def get one size smaller. Not really cold weather gloves (I live in NY)but still amazing.


5 Star Rating

04/08/2013 10:53am

Just got these gloves and they are the business!! Thanks fellas for the heads up on ordering a size smaller, got a medium and they fit right on.


5 Star Rating

07/29/2012 06:58pm

Awesome gloves.


5 Star Rating

06/22/2012 09:22am

gloves are great. i normally wear a large, ordered a medium and they fit perfect.


5 Star Rating

09/20/2011 10:46pm

Great gloves! Grippy, comfortable n' almost not there!


5 Star Rating

07/28/2011 04:48am

Best gloves ever. Def get a size smaller than you usually wear.


5 Star Rating

06/06/2011 05:52am

These Gloves rock... Ive gone thru three pairs cause some random stranger says "Lemme buy those!" they dont bunch up by your wrist and at first you think they are too big (like they suggest) but then you realize why, and how perfect it is!!!!


Dick Danger
5 Star Rating

03/25/2011 12:09pm

These gloves are very cool simple summer gloves! As mentioned before they run a little big though. I normally wear XL or L most of the time, but actually need M for these.


Carlos Gomez
5 Star Rating

03/10/2011 05:27pm

Gotta say these gloves are very nice and comfortable, had some bulky gloves prior to gettin' these in the mail today. Thinking about a second pair just in case...


5 Star Rating

02/15/2011 03:29pm

Quality Counts is an understatement... these gloves are so well designed and built its insane they look and feel amazing. your friends will be jelous you got these gloves gaurentee and who dosnt wanna one up there brothers haha! and ontop of all that they sent me a bunch of free stickers im pretty stoked rite now!


5 Star Rating

01/27/2011 07:37pm

The gloves are comfortable, incognito (gotta love the all black design) and surprisingly warm (have worn them down to temps in the low 50's and have still been warm!). A great glove at a great price.


5 Star Rating

01/27/2011 09:44am

I bought a set of these for myself, and one for my brother-in-law, last year. These gloves are simply the best summertime riding gloves I have ever owned. Their fit is perfect, they've got spectacular grip, they're well made and they feel almost like you're wearing no gloves at all. I highly recommend them.


Bret Chambers
5 Star Rating

10/07/2010 07:51am

Comfortable gloves and great looking however I found within a couple of wears the index finger tips started getting fuzzy from doing and undoing the velcro wrist straps.


5 Star Rating

04/12/2010 02:55pm

I have owned a pair of these and am real happy to see them come back into stock. Great Glove!!!