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Overview: We’re big fans of motocross around here, but not the technicolor clown suits that pass for vast majority of modern dirt bike gear. This is a high tech jersey for low-tech assaults on tracks and trails. You’ll likely never see a Biltwell jersey on an AMA podium, but don’t be surprised if a Hooligan dirt tracker passes you in one.

100% plated polyester chassis with colorfast sublimated logos, color blocking and graphics. Woven synthetic V-neck collar and cuffs with contrasting double overlock stitch seams throughout. If you’re lean and mean, the Biltwell Comp Moto jersey is true to form. If you like room to move, order one size larger. Made in the USA.

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Pat S
5 Star Rating

03/29/2018 12:26pm

When I bought my DR650 dual sport it was apparent that I was going to need a new riding jersey. But all of these bright colored jerseys that make it look like I spilled half a dozen tropical drinks on myself just don't do it for me. When I saw that Biltwell put this out, I jumped at the opportunity. The simplistic old school styling paired with the 60s/70s font is absolutely perfect. This is a very good quality jersey and I'm so happy I bought it.