Grab Bag Tank Top

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5 Star Rating
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You pick the tank top size, we pick the color and style. It does not get much more diabolical than that.

Consruction: 100% pre-shrunk cotton or poly/cotton blend garments with soft hand screenprinted graphics; pockets, sleeve lengths, location of graphics, colorways, etc. change constantly—please click other garments featured on this website for the latest styles.

**Men's Sizes Only

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José Vargas
5 Star Rating

07/29/2014 04:38am

Very good buy the 5 star design.


Chris Hurst
5 Star Rating

01/21/2014 05:43pm

Just received my shirt. It's pretty sweet. I was a little worried it would be pink and covered in glitter. But no stickers? Now I feel like a little whiney kid who didn't get the same as everyone else, lol. Nonetheless, awesome shirt and I'm stoked it arrived so fast. Thanks!


5 Star Rating

09/28/2012 11:53am

I ordered one of these and couldn't be more stoked on what showed up! Thanks Biltwell for pouring quality into your products! Lifelong supporter.


Stuart Saville
5 Star Rating

04/30/2012 01:17am

I ordered 2 of these with my order and will defo order again its great not knowing what you will get thanks guys


J.G.'s Bike Shop
5 Star Rating

12/20/2011 02:08pm

I got my grab bag and it was pretty freaking awesome!!! I am going to order another one!
Thanks Biltwell!


5 Star Rating

11/29/2011 08:00am

best 10 bucks ive spent! and i got some other goodies as well!guys! ty y


5 Star Rating

05/02/2011 05:43pm

This made getting my bars like Christmas morning. Definitely a must for every order.


Some sucker away form home...
5 Star Rating

10/16/2010 10:51am

I ordered a couple of grab bags and got way more than I expected. You guys rock, it shows in your products and customer service! Thanks again for everything...


Howling Moose
5 Star Rating

09/21/2010 04:21am

A Surprise is always something to look forward to.
I am proud to show that I use Biltwell products.