Keystone Handlebars 1" - Black

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Overview: These handlebars are constructed with seamless CNC mandrel bent 0.120” wall 4130 chromoly tubes. Precision mitering and TIG welding finish off the bars for beauty and strength.  Available smooth for custom and non H-D applications or dimpled to accept original equipment Harley-Davidson hand controls.

These bars look great on: It’s easier to list the bikes Keystone doesn’t look great on: Road Kings, Dynas, Baggers or anything wide or fat.

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Nice n' Skinny

Construction: 1-inch O.D. x 0.120"; wall seamless 4130 chromoly tubing. All bends are created with internal mandrels on a CNC bender to reduce flat spots in the radiuses, and all welded joints are precision mitered and TIG welded.

Fitment: Mild 13-degree back sweep is especially comfortable on bikes with shorter backbones (Sportsters, British and Japanese choppers, for instance) For this reason, the Keystone is one of our most popular handlebars; it looks and fits great on damn near everything.

Black ED: The black finish on Biltwell handlebars and risers is called Black Electrostatic Discharge or BED, and is applied the same way chrome plate is applied to raw materials. Like chrome plating, powdercoating and standard paint finishes, BED requires periodic care to maintain its luster. Soapy water and a soft cloth will remove surface dirt from BED, and common automotive waxes and polishes work great to protect the finish.

A Few Words on Knurling:
We don’t knurl our bars because doing so reduces the surface area where the handlebar makes contact with the risers, thereby compromising clamping power. Stock and aftermarket steel risers commonly found on cruisers and custom big twins have a material density 4 times greater than aluminum. This density doesn't let knurling bite into the riser material, which in turn compromises clamping strength.


5 Star Rating

07/29/2018 10:27am

Lovely looking bars, built extremely well and the welding is spot on but for me I am 6 ft with forward controls. They were far too low and uncomfortable. It caused me to have lower back pain and my Mrs said it was effecting her back because she was following my lean on rides. My hands would go numb after 30 minutes of riding. Definitely don’t recommend if you’re using forward controls.


Matt S.
5 Star Rating

05/25/2017 06:41pm

Great bars, love the look and I always got complements on them. I'd have to disagree slightly with your description. You say they dont look good on dynas? I had em on my street bob and people were all over my bike asking me where I got em. Have since gotten rid of that bike (only because I had too) and just bought a 48. Will be putting another set of these on this bike lickity split!


Yan Fox
5 Star Rating

12/14/2016 01:03pm

I love it. After more then 20 years riding with different styles of drag bars, I've finally decided to change. Those bars are so comfortable and very maneuverable. I really LUV it! As far as the fit, they did fit 2008 XL1200C stock controls, however I had to play a little bit with the front brake line. Thanks Biltwell.


5 Star Rating

06/29/2016 10:30am

Just wanted to say THANKS a bunch to Gram, Excellent customer service! Got a set of Keystone bars for my HD and had some questions which Gram promptly helped me out with all of them. Bars look great and feel even better! Stocks lines fit and no problems with the Gauntlet fairing I have on the bike.


Ishmael Baltazar
5 Star Rating

03/09/2016 06:18pm

Bought this for my 03' Honda Shadow Spirit. The handlebars fit perfectly. I love the new look and feel of my bike. Did not have to extend any cables. Great Quality. Great Product. Fast Shipping. Happy Customer.


Ted Sadusky
5 Star Rating

12/23/2015 01:29pm

Just got a set of these put on my '15 Iron 883. They look and felt great right from the start, took no time at all to get used to. Great product with a price that you cannot beat. 5 Stars all the way. Thanks Biltwell for keeping us rolling in style.


5 Star Rating

09/30/2015 08:47pm

I put the keystones on my 48 and I love them!!! I didn't have to replace the cables witch saved me some money. They are a little more narrow than stock bars but they are still amazing! Thinking about the keystone xl on my new slim s


5 Star Rating

06/15/2015 10:06pm

The keystone bars are amazing. Makes my 2014 Iron look even more aggressive. Very good build quality


5 Star Rating

02/15/2015 08:21pm

The 1" keystones are awesome. No need to extend the wires on my 2011 HD 48. Planning to run the wire internally so they look even better.


Abdullah Abubshait
5 Star Rating

02/01/2015 09:32am

I just got mine last week, and I have to say they lived to every expectation. I haven't installed them yet but for now I give it a 5 star. love the price love the quality.


Noel Elpedes
5 Star Rating

11/15/2014 11:16am

First things first, these bars look fresh on my 2014 Harley 48 Sportster! I added the whiskey throttle and kung-fu grips which are pretty essential to the set up. Have a couple nit picky gripes that prevented the perfect 5 star review: I couldn't slap the bars on out the box. I had to relocate the turn signals to make them fit, which isn't a bad thing cause it looks much better that way. I also wish the bars would sit a bit higher than the stock ones. Couple weeks into these bars and still getting use to the feel. Still, I love the look and get plenty of compliments.


Jon hernandez
5 Star Rating

10/04/2014 08:22pm

I love these bars and I put them on something you won't really see th on a 95 honda shadow ace 1100 and they look great I got them in black I get complements all the time i also have a set of white recoil grips on them as well I love biltwell will keep buying from you guys


Mark Weaver
5 Star Rating

10/02/2014 06:43pm

These change everything. They look so sick on my '14 Iron 883 Sportster. I figured out how to install them myself even though I know nothing about anything mechanical (some parts were tricky and YouTube videos helped). I love the new feel of my riding stance with these! So bad ass.


5 Star Rating

04/17/2014 09:24am

I went from drop down drag bars to this one and damn! I should hv done it long ago.


Michael Cogswell
5 Star Rating

12/20/2013 02:39pm

Quick shipping, stickers, and the handlebars are beautiful. Nice welds, just the right amount of attitude. You won't go wrong with these bars.


5 Star Rating

07/31/2013 05:36pm

Im amazed at how fast my bars were shipped, as well as the quality! Couldn't be happier with Biltwell!


Chris Secj
5 Star Rating

05/01/2013 03:44pm

Those guys in Biltwell are really pro very good to deal with thumps up guys,ordered a wrong size bars change it makes life really easy,keep up the good works,chris Melbourne!


Iron 883
5 Star Rating

03/04/2013 04:51pm

The black Keystone bars are so Dope! They make my murdered out Iron 883 say, "Look at Me/What are you lookin' at?!" In the same breath! Bars are comfy even though they look sinister, check em' out! Thanks for the stickers too, Biltwell guys are sick!


Joey Merindo
5 Star Rating

03/03/2013 03:36pm

Awesome bars! Fit my 2010 Iron 883 and totally change the look of my ride! No modifications needed to your stock cables, get some black wire ties and call it a day. Get these bars, some forward controls, and BAM! you got a Sporty Iron with a new look and attitude!!! Quality welds and powder coat! Thanks for the Keystone bars, Quick shipping, and SICK stickers!
Semper Fi!


5 Star Rating

03/02/2013 05:03pm

put these bad boys on my vlx600, rides great and looks aggressive which is what I wanted. Good Price too.


5 Star Rating

01/14/2013 03:41pm

put these on my '99 FXSTC and they look cool as shit. I highly recommend them!


5 Star Rating

11/18/2012 07:15am

Put them on my 2010 iron 883. Look great and i get tons of compliments!


5 Star Rating

05/30/2012 01:52pm

Great bars, Great price


5 Star Rating

05/16/2012 07:49pm

Awesome bars. Put them on my '10 streetbob, and I can't get the women off 'em. Probably shoulda changed the cables tho. There's a bit of slack in 'em going from 10in mini apes to these, but they still look pretty damn good on the bike. Gonna put a springer front end with some 4in risers, and that'll pull the slack out. Love the bars Biltwell! Bike handles better than ever!


5 Star Rating

04/30/2012 03:52pm

wow TOMMY is happy!


5 Star Rating

04/14/2012 03:25pm

I just put these on my 08' Nightster with HD Diamond Black Collection grips...THEY ARE AWESOME HANDLEBARS! They fit perfectly with no cables needing to be changed or altered. You guys seriously rock and I'm telling everyone here in Canada about your company.


5 Star Rating

10/13/2011 11:06am

I have the Keystones on my 09 Nighster and Im 100% satisfied. No cables need to be changed, just run the stock ones. Awesome welding..... Fast shipping as always, Thanks Biltwel!


5 Star Rating

09/26/2011 10:44am

A really awesome bar-----> go and get yours today. I have the Keystones on my 09 Nightster, run the Stock Controls, didn´t need to change the cables... easy installation. Shipping was also fast, thanks Biltwell!!!


5 Star Rating

09/20/2011 10:53pm

Sick bars that get me compliments all the time! Loved them from the first time I saw them n' still lovin' em!!


Anthony Lloyd
5 Star Rating

08/29/2011 05:55pm

Bars are Fnnnn awesome, and arrived super fast.


Scott Paulus
5 Star Rating

08/21/2011 02:23pm

Love the look put them on my 2008 Nightster. Easy to install no cable changes. Helped get rid of the floppy feel in handling. Still will adapt my windshields. Stayed comfortable over 100 miles at one time. Added a fine look to old school style of the bike.


cody hardin
5 Star Rating

06/07/2011 03:18pm

i bought these bars for my 04 shadow vlx and i love them they make the bike handle aton better and are extremly comfortable yall make some awesome products and i will be ordering more in the future for my bike and me


5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:53pm

So thick...they would easily tip the scales in your favor if you had them in a bar fight.
So shiny...women will flock.
They will make your bike seem like it's riding on rails.


Joshua Boyd
5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:44pm

I bought these bars for my '08 FXDB (Street Bob) in June and rode to the Smokeout East. The bike handles well and the bars look killer. I'm running stock HD controls and everything mated up fine. These are a lot shorter than the stock mini-apes but I didn't trim any cables or wires and everything still worked fine. There's a little slack in the cables but not enough to cause problems or look bad. My only complaint is that they're a little bit of a reach for a short guy like me - 5'5" - but most folks shouldn't have that problem. I just wish the sweep was a little more. Otherwise, great bars.


5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:39pm

Got these dimpled for my 08 xl1200c, Im using 2 1/2 inch risers with pull back and they fit perfect without have to change any of teh stock cables. Really nice bars, everything about them is perfect.


5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 07:58pm

Very good set of bars, 1st gen. Fit right up and everything set up fine. I ran my bar wires into the vert tubes, no chance going around those corners! Kill switch, horn, and hi-beam switch. Still shiney after a few years on my bike. Some people think these are z-bars, but they aren't!


Paul Balanchuk
5 Star Rating

02/10/2011 05:07pm

Just tore the box opened and gotta say I'm pleased with the construction and finish! ( not to mention the free stickers and catalog!)
Cant wait to get home and class up my sickle with em'
Thanks BILTWELL Inc!


David Boensch
5 Star Rating

10/07/2010 11:59am

Awesome bars with a beautiful black finish. nice quality welds that have not been ground, and the slight curve in the uprights add lots of character. Also very comfortable and just the right height. I agree with Tim above in trimming the ends to fit your bike. But that's why Biltwell left them long enough for you to do just that! But even untrimmed, at 28" overall is still a comfortable width. Nice all around, versatile, alternative to your standard z bars.


5 Star Rating

10/07/2010 10:30am

Fitted my '90 sportster with no probs. And thats what we like!


5 Star Rating

10/07/2010 09:28am

Good looking and a very comfortable bar. The rise is perfect for long rides and also carving the canyons. I chopped the ends off for looks and also to split lanes with ease. It was on my 09 Sportster and you will not need new cables. The brake line will need to be extended to make it a bit longer, by bending the hard line by hand. Great product, so buy it!


5 Star Rating

10/03/2010 10:27pm

Great bars. Needed cool bars that would clear my Frisco mount peanut tank. These are it. Really nice black finish too..