Frisco Handlebars 1" - Black

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Overview: Constructed with seamless CNC mandrel bent 0.120” wall 4130 chromoly tubing; precision mitered and TIG welded for beauty and strength.  Available smooth for custom and non-Harley applications or dimpled to accept original equipment Harley-Davidson hand controls.

Fitment and Style: In standard configuration our extremely flat, medium height handlebar is the perfect upgrade for toughening up the look and narrowing the profile of your garage-built custom. Our Frisco bar looks best on bikes with standard head angles and stock backbone lengths—think rigid and stock H-D Sportsters, compact British and Japanese inline twin choppers and bobbers, or any shovelhead chopper in a stock or rigid frame.

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split lanes and take names

Construction: 1-inch O.D. x 0.120" wall seamless 4130 chromoly tubing. All bends are created with internal mandrels on a CNC bender to reduce flat spots in the radiuses, and all welded joints are precision mitered and TIG welded. Available in two styles: Smooth for aftermarket hand controls or custom applications, and Dimpled for stock Harley-Davidson switches and levers.

Fitment: Frisco bars are popular with bikeriders seeking a straight armed riding position. This bar is great for people looking to split lanes and carve up the canyons. Even better if you chop and inch or two off each end (Smooth only).

Black ED: The black finish on Biltwell handlebars and risers is called Black Electrostatic Discharge or BED, and is applied the same way chrome plate is applied to raw materials. Like chrome plating, powdercoating and standard paint finishes, BED requires periodic care to maintain its luster. Soapy water and a soft cloth will remove surface dirt from BED, and common automotive waxes and polishes work great to protect the finish.

A Few Words on Knurling: We dont knurl our bars because doing so reduces the surface area where the handlebar makes contact with the risers, thereby compromising clamping power. Stock and aftermarket steel risers commonly found on cruisers and custom big twins have a material density 4 times greater than aluminum. This density doesn't let knurling bite into the riser material, which in turn compromises clamping strength.


Douglas Usher
5 Star Rating

07/21/2018 06:36am

Great bars. However I have to get a break line extension for my 2015 48. The ABS lines are too short. Great service and delivery from Bilt Well.


Nathon Jennings
5 Star Rating

03/26/2018 01:17am

Put a set on my custom 2011 HD 48 bad ass bars


Robert Montgomery
5 Star Rating

09/23/2017 02:49pm

Good bars!


5 Star Rating

07/03/2017 02:52am

Biltwell already has a good amount of handlebars to choose from but I narrowed it down to the frisco bars and couldn't be happier! these bars and sweet and feel great when it come to the handling and the ride. EASY install which was great


Bern Dogg
5 Star Rating

04/19/2017 05:20pm

Threw these on my all stock 2012 883 Iron, instantly changed the look of the bike, and handling was greatly improved while weaving in and out of traffic. bike carves turns much easier now for me (I'm 6'0ft tall with monkey arms) so I can get my weight in the right place over the bike rather than being so cramped up with the stock sporty bars. Plus it just looks Bad a$$ and the quality is awesome. All my stock wiring worked as well so there were no "hidden" costs to own the product. Thanks boys!


Jay ene
5 Star Rating

09/22/2016 08:24pm

I recently bought an Intruder 1400 that came with these bars on it already. They might have been the only good choice her previous owner made. I tried drag bars, beach bars, and flat bars and still went back the the good ol Friscos. Buck for buck you would be hard pressed to find a more dramatic performance or aesthetic mod. If you are looking at these go ahead and buy a pair.


5 Star Rating

08/22/2016 08:24am

Installed on a 2006 XL 1200, no cables change. Fits perfectly to the bike, great handling after maybe three or four days. Amazing feeling, a perfect bar ! Five stars for sure.


Spencer Salazar
5 Star Rating

04/18/2016 07:56pm

Just got these frisco's not even 2 hours ago. And man what a difference. Not only look wise, but comfortability and ride difference. Super fast shipping. Highly recommend these bars.


5 Star Rating

06/02/2015 10:02am

Great quality bars. Nice aggressive stance now on my 96 Vulcan 800 Classic. Easy install, just need to drill one hole for an internal "peg" on the left side switch housing (if you're going to be keeping your stock switches). I used a 3/16" drill bit and it worked great. Just make sure you line up the switch so its an easy move using your horn and turn signals. Great product as always!


Ryan Tade
5 Star Rating

05/22/2015 11:10pm

Just received my Frisco bars today and right out of the box I was stoked with them. Perfect height, very straight & aggressive feeling. Exactly the style bar I was looking for. Installed on my 2008 Harley-Davidson Nightster in only around an hour. Works with all the stock cables and lines, although I did have to reroute the front brake line and remove/modify the wrap clamp that holds the line to the triple clamp. A few zip ties to clean up & run the wiring along the bottom of the bars & I was off & riding! Great bars! Highly recommended to anyone with a nightster/sportster for sure. Gives the bike a really cool bobber look with an aggressive lane-splitter feel when riding. Thanks Biltwell!


5 Star Rating

02/13/2015 11:03am

Did a lot of browsing before I pulled the trigger on these. If you are someone like me who questions every part they buy for their bike...don't question this one, you will not be disappointed. Great packing and shipping, bars are awesome quality, LOOK and FEEL GREAT! Gave my Iron a much more aggressive feel and I love it.


5 Star Rating

12/11/2014 06:47pm

GREAT bars. I have them on my 09 Sportster 1200 Low. No cable swap, No problem.


5 Star Rating

08/08/2014 05:05pm

I just got these bars and they are cool looking, however I'm starting to regret buying them as they are essentially a straight bar on risers, for the Biltwell folks, these bars would have been awesome of they had a bit of a curve to take away the strain from the wrist as they are in this straight position and it kinds of gets to you after a few miles. Great quality though but bummer about the hands position.


MP Ren
5 Star Rating

06/08/2014 07:38pm

These bars are killer! I couldn't be happier with them. They feel great and I didn't have to make any cable or wiring changes. Highly recommend these bars!


Jarred D
5 Star Rating

09/03/2013 08:05pm

Amazing quality!! Installed these on my 2005 Vulcan 800 and I did not need to change any of the cables. The clutch cable is a bit tight, but works just fine. I knocked the bars around during installation, not a single scratch. Very high quality.

The bars are a much better riding position than stock. The bikes looks way different, much much better! Highly recommended.


Stuart Conway
5 Star Rating

07/17/2013 03:24pm

Picked these bars up at a shop in Venice beach . They are amazing , feel much better and look a hell of a lot better especially from the rear. As I have a 2013 Iron I had to get the local HD dealer to fit them or it would void my warranty , this meant that unfortunately due to their strict health and safety policies I had to buy a break line from the super low .


5 Star Rating

07/11/2013 06:59pm

Installed on a Honda shadow phantom, looks great, no cable changes(brake cable is just long enough), and install pretty easy if you already have risers installed this bike.

Crashed the bars about a year ago doing around 35-40 mph and the bars bent but held up like rockstars. I knew I would buy biltwell bars again, and I did. These things are very well made, and can take a beating if they have to.

Highly recommended.


5 Star Rating

07/04/2013 06:52am

Great product. put them on my 06 sportster and they fit and feel fantastic. great product great service.


5 Star Rating

06/24/2013 12:27pm

Great Bars, went on my Super Glide no problems, no cable swaps. Nice and tight with just enough rise.


Rick Gerlock
5 Star Rating

04/27/2013 08:04pm

These are the bars to get. Comfortable, and aggressive at the same time. Highly recommend these bars. Plus they look so damn sexy


Kyran Mckeown
5 Star Rating

04/22/2013 10:16pm

Love these! fitted my iron easily !! defiantly recommend!


5 Star Rating

04/01/2013 10:42am

FRICKIN AWESOME! Great look and quality! I put them on my 2012 Forty Eight with no problems.


5 Star Rating

03/15/2013 11:45am

Haven't even received the product yet and am already impressed with Biltwell. Their customer service is great and they are eager to make customers happy!


Carsten ( Denmark)
5 Star Rating

03/13/2013 11:34am

Own a Honda VLX wich has been rebuilt over the winter in frisco/ lane splitter style. A Frisco bar along with Kung Fu grips makes the cycle stand out. I`m pleased.


Thomas Nix
5 Star Rating

03/10/2013 10:05pm

I just put these on my sportster 48. I'm extremely pleased with the look and feel. They are the best looking bars i could have chosen in my opinion. install was easy and packaging was great as well.


5 Star Rating

03/01/2013 04:17pm

I put these on a '95 XL883. Solid construction, easy installation and they look great. No cable changes, just had to reroute my brake line. Very fast shipping!


5 Star Rating

12/02/2012 05:56pm

Great looking bars. They fit my 2013 Harley Davidson 48 with no issues. I did have to extend the brake lines and wires (if internally wired).


Chris Fields
5 Star Rating

10/25/2012 05:43pm

I LOVE these bars on my 2012 Nightster in Denim Black.
Gives it that classic look along with a 3 inch tank lift.
Amazing customer service!
Thank you for the Free Gear (Shirt


Brian Evans
5 Star Rating

09/09/2012 08:07am

These bars look awesome on my sporty and the quality is top notch. I had a problem getting my bars to tighten up (my own fault) and the folks at Biltwell called me to walk me through the issue. Awesome products and excellent customer service. Thanks Biltwell!


5 Star Rating

08/28/2012 07:52pm

bars are awesome! look way badass. thanks for all the stickers too


5 Star Rating

06/08/2012 07:23pm

Man these are great! As soon as I grabbed them in my hands I started getting swelling in my pants!


@reyronin on instagram or twitter
5 Star Rating

05/20/2012 11:03pm

well...been riding with the friscos now for 2 weeks. i didnt want to write a review until i had a chance to really dig in and ride with them. first of all is the quality. very sturdy and solid feel. unlike stock hd nightster bars. the friscos are a complete contrast in quality. performance is ridiculously aggressive, which compliments my riding style where i live. i live in the city so the friscos have added very responsive handling with all the traffic and short turns and lane changes need for riding in the city. nostalgic, just as the name provides. "frisco", a raw and dope look. the rise is not too high and not too low. i wouldn't go as far as calling a 2011 nightster a bobber, but these bars give it that slight eyebrow raise without trying too hard to fit into that bobber look.
im satisfied overall with these bars and the quick delivery. the tips and tricks page helped a bit but youtube helped a lot. if you're sitting on the fence about these bars for your nightster or any sportster really, go for it! you'll be happy. if not, you arent out $400 because the price is right too. very dope biltwell. you've created a promoter for your products. and in this day and age, people (including myself) are hesitant to spend their hard earned money. peace.


Jeff T.
5 Star Rating

05/16/2012 12:24pm

Bought these bars for my V Star 650 Custom without knowing if they'd fit. Perfect fit, no mods needed and the stock cables just fit. Thanks guys...really made the bike have a different swagger.


Ken Halliday
5 Star Rating

04/01/2012 10:20pm

Great company to deal with. Super fast delivery to Perth Aust.Only took 11 days.
Big Thanks :)


David Fugate
5 Star Rating

10/31/2011 02:37pm

I got these bars for my 2009 nightster. They look really good and you can't beat the price. I ended up buying a longer brake line though. The stock one wasn't quite long enough. Great experience dealing with Biltwell. They sent me a cool parts magazine and a bunch of sweet stickers. Thanks!


5 Star Rating

10/11/2011 09:28pm

Great company with great products! I got a set of these for my '00 FXDX and I agree with Travis they're just right and no cable/line changes. I don't feel too bent over or like I'm reachin for the sky. I can still rail corners with the same confidence as if I had drag bars.


5 Star Rating

03/25/2011 03:55pm

Got these for my 10' sporty. I'm 5'6" and was initially concerned at first about the pullback, that the reach might be too much...threw them on and they were perfect. Amazing quality.


5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:54pm

These bars are awesome, quality is unbeatable and no one even came close to the shape and style.


5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:46pm

I just put these on my '06 sportster with the slimline risers and what can I say, the quality of these bars is amazing. Also, the fact that I didn't have to replace and cables or extend any wiring was a big plus.


5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:38pm

I loved these bars. I had the first gen that were 2" taller than these. They fit my '97 Suzuki Savage that had stock buckhorn bars no problem.


5 Star Rating

02/06/2011 02:31pm

I know a lot of you guys are sporty riders, but I just wanted to say I threw a pair on my 02' superglide and these bars look badass! No cable changes needed and I just wanted to let the non sporty riders know they can get the same kickass look on their rides with no problems. Biltwell rules and all their stuff is top notch.


5 Star Rating

12/30/2010 10:49pm

awesome bars...super solid welds. nicely made. Bolt on for an '09 Sporty, no cable changes, just a little "bending" of the front brake line. Even sent me some stickers. Biltwell is the real deal. Quality stuff. Hence the name...!


Tom Cox
5 Star Rating

10/19/2010 02:15pm

Fantastic ! Bars fit 07 sporty... Just bolt on. No cable changes or mods. Far more comfy than stock bars ! Great people to deal with. I'll be back ! Later, Tom


Scott Mayfield
5 Star Rating

10/08/2010 12:16am

Very good quality bars and a great look. I put them on my 01' sportster with no cable changes. A little manipulation to the hard line of the front break was all the customizing needed.


5 Star Rating

09/13/2010 03:01pm

Awesome quality bars with great looking welds. Included in the package was a bunch of awesome free stickers and a hand written thank you. Awesome company and awesome bars!!!