Bonanza Helmet Liner - Black/Grey

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Fitment: The removable liner in your Bonanza open-face helmet can get grungy after heavy use. Keep your lid fresh and clean with a new liner and cheek pads. One interior comfort liner and two cheek pads are included with each kit, and installation is easy.

Care: Never throw your helmet's liner and cheek pads in the washer or dryer. Instead, carefully remove the pieces and hand wash them in the sink with mild soapy water (Palmolive dishwashing liquid works great.) Let them air dry 24 hours before reinstalling them to avoid dampness or mildew. If you can't be bothered with cleaning the comfort liner and cheek pads, simply pull them out, throw them away and replace them with a new set.

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Sam Odom
5 Star Rating

03/10/2018 06:23pm

This liner is excellent. I had given up on my Bonanza. I had it for a few years, I thought it had seen its end of life. Last time I wore it was in Interstate 95, it didnt fit too well, and nearly beat my head to dizziness. On arrival home, I retired it. When I put that adventure on social media, an old friend replied "Dont retire your faithful old Bonanza! Contact Biltwell, get a liner". That comment stayed on my mind, till one evening I was surfing Biltwellinc.com, and THERE it was! My new liner! "Ill give it a try", I thought. Plunking down my 29.95, I cant go wrong. I just put it in. On test fit, I love it again! My Bonanza is like new again! Now, to put it in the wind! Thanks, Biltwell!