Gringo Helmet - Spectrum Blue/Blue

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Construction: Seamless injection-molded ABS outer shell, shock-absorbing EPS inner shell and a removable, hand-stitched removable comfort liner with open-cell foam and brushed Lycra construction. The chinstrap is adorned with brushed Lycra material on touch points and features a flat D-ring fastener with an adjustable snap end retainer. Five snaps around the Gringo's eye port facilitate easy installation of a Biltwell bubble shield or Blast shield (sold separately.)  

• Injection-molded ABS outer shell with hand-painted finish
• Expanded polystyrene inner shell
• Hand-sewn removable brushed Lycra liner with diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding
• Meets DOT safety standards
• Internal BioFoam chin pad with hand-sewn contrast stitching
• XS through XXL sizes

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5 Star Rating

05/24/2017 06:51pm

Best bang for the buck, super comfortable, the thinner padding in front of your face makes a nice breeze, the open viewport doesn't let much more air through than a crappy full face would, and the paintjob is outta sight! Also, will actually stay on your head at highway speed. Would love to have a shelf full of these things, and the other models too.


Gerson the Paje
5 Star Rating

04/03/2017 08:00pm

Nice helmet. It fitted my head to perfection. The color is great and is so hard to find all around. The inner lining is top class, too.Wearing it it's just like riding in the 70's. It's all fun. You won't come unnoticed, my friend !


C Bormann
5 Star Rating

07/14/2016 06:53pm

I purchased this helmet a few weeks ago just to have a helmet. I didn't really plan on wearing it much but when I saw how great the blue flake popped in the sun I started wearing it all the time. The chrome mirror bubble shield also complimented the looks and kept the bugs out of my face.. Fast forward to a few days ago I was getting off the highway in an unfamiliar location and the exit ramp was much sharper than I realized. In a panic I locked the rear brake going about 50mph and ended up high siding my bike. I landed on the pavement and slid into the ditch 40-50ft away. The gringo stayed on tight and and kept my head stable, I sustained no head injuries. Based on the location of the scuffs I think it's safe to say that had I not been wearing the helmet I'd be missing a few marbles at the least. Thanks Biltwell for a great looking and safe helmet! I will buy again.


Rick Kane
5 Star Rating

11/04/2015 01:24pm

Love it. The metallic is gorgeous and it is so comfortable. I use this for spring and fall and my 3/4 helmets in the summer. I'm so addicted I own 4 Biltwell's.


B Hutch
5 Star Rating

09/10/2015 09:53pm

Ridiculously good looking helmet! Seriously, the metal flake is 100 times better looking in person than any picture could ever capture. And not just all show, the fit, feel and light weight of this helmet is great, I absolutely love it! Even your cool shades slide right in without issue. Thanks Biltwell!


Chris Young
5 Star Rating

03/21/2014 07:39pm

I just got my helmet today on my door step. This is the most beautiful blue flake color gringo helmet I have ever seen compare to all other helmets on the market, ever!!!! Fits like a glove! Keep up the good work, Biltwell!