Work Gloves - Black

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• 100% heavy-duty cowhide construction throughout
• Anatomically contoured suede palm panels with internal padding for abrasion resistance and shock isolation
• Stitched accordion baffles on index and middle fingers for added flexibility
• 9-oz. tricot half liner wicks moisture for a better grip
• Adjustable wrist opening with embossed leather closure and elastic gathers
• Raised welt detailing on leather backs
• XS through XXL sizes

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5 Star Rating

04/23/2018 11:48pm

Great looking glove. A little stiff but after a month of use they are coming good. Only thing I don’t like is the extra padding in the palm, it sticks out to far. Feels like you don’t have a flat grip. Other than that they are an ok glove.


Jack Tobacco
5 Star Rating

01/03/2018 09:46pm

LOVE these gloves. They are thick, durable, and warm, and all without being too cumbersome. They do have a tight fit, but after a soak in hot water they mold perfectly to your hands. Seem like they'll last a long time. Thanks Biltwell!


5 Star Rating

04/02/2016 04:11pm

Great gloves, especially for the price. They look great and fit great. I like the versatility of them.


5 Star Rating

12/18/2015 01:46pm

Great glove I got them at the chopper festival (Ventura ca ) . I am very happy that biltwell make xs size. Its hard to find xs small size. Very Well made but just a little bit tight. The leather will probably "give" a little wearing them. I sleep with them, need to stretch them . Love them


Danilo Ramirez Zelada
5 Star Rating

01/17/2015 08:14am

Really really happy with these gloves! Fits perfect and I love the details of it!! great product!


5 Star Rating

12/09/2014 11:21am

great product, amazing service, this company has CLASS!!!!


Julian Zadorozny
5 Star Rating

10/29/2014 07:36pm

Absolutely fantastic in comfort, flexibility and versatility. Break in easy and feel smooth on both clutch and brake levers.


5 Star Rating

09/24/2014 07:48am

Just received them in just 5 days accross half the globe. Very Well made but just a little bit tight. The leather will probably "give" a little wearing them. They look good and sturdy. Thanks for the stickers ;)


Gregory Alvarado
5 Star Rating

08/27/2014 08:42am

These gloves are beautiful and comfortable. They're soft, yet tough. I really don't want to take them off. Ever.