Recoil Grips - Oxblood

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Construction: Injection-molded Krayton synthetic rubber

Fitment: Biltwell grips are available in 1” & 7/8". These grips are made from the same material used in dirt bike and BMX grips: Kraton Rubber. They are softer and more comfortable but also wear quicker. Just like a dirt bike, plan on changing them often, depending on how hard you ride and in what conditions.

Details: Scroll down for Installation Tips. We recommend using WD-40 to install the grips and suggest letting them dry overnight. Adding a ring of safety wire on each end is a standard moto practice and all of our grips have grooves to accommodate this.

Note: Using Biltwell rubber grips on H-Ds will often require that your motorcycle is equipped with an aftermarket throttle tube (our Whiskey throttle tube, for instance). The grips do not have a built in plastic throttle tube, they are meant to slide over a higher-quality aluminum tube.

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5 Star Rating

02/21/2015 05:23am

I love my grips, except for two things. First they are made in China. Second they were about 1/8th of an inch to long. I got creative with a razorblade. They now fit great and the oxblood really stands out on my sand cammo street glide. Yes I will be buying more of them in the future.


5 Star Rating

03/26/2014 08:28pm

I hope this helps anyone looking into these grips. It seems there's not much info on them. I've put them on my Shadow 750 spirit and after having them on for only a week or so all I can say is I love the way they feel, and for $18, WOW! I had Kurys on my last bike and they are great grips if you got a ton of extra cash to blow. You will not regret buying these Recoils one bit. I will never spend $60-70 on grips again and wish I found these Recoils before. They look good,feel extremely comfortable and yes, even smell good(in a weird ditto paper kinda smell way). If you like the way they look in the pic....Get them!!!