Stash Tube - Silver/Clear

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Construction: CNC lathe-turned alloy end caps; black electroplated steel hardware; rugged polycarbonate clear tube.

Fitment: Mounting hardware on US-spec license plates fits into the L-brackets on Stash tube to hold the assembly in place. Plastic tube houses documents and contraband to keep info and materiel safe.

Details: Fits license plate bolt pattern in all 50 US states. Does not fit Euro, Australia, or Asia spec license plates.

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Zach Gosteli
5 Star Rating

10/31/2013 11:35am

It should have gone without saying, but make sure you use loctite!


5 Star Rating

06/11/2013 12:03pm

Dig these. I want one for all of my bikes. Bought a newie Triumph and was able to keep my temp registration on the bike, visible, clean and dry. Smelled a bit green when I finally did pull it out, but hey... around here the cops don't mind so much. Perfect for storing your registration


Andrew Grooms
5 Star Rating

03/04/2011 08:09pm

They shipped my order in a very timely fashion and i love this stash tube. i no longer have to carry my registration in and out of my backpack, roll bag, or jacket pocket. it stays with my bike for long rides or even quick trips to the store.