Gringo Helmet - Gloss Hazard Orange

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Construction: Seamless injection-molded ABS outer shell, shock-absorbing EPS inner shell and a removable, hand-stitched removable comfort liner with open-cell foam and brushed Lycra construction. The chinstrap is adorned with brushed Lycra material on touch points and features a flat D-ring fastener with an adjustable snap end retainer. Five snaps around the Gringo's eye port facilitate easy installation of a Biltwell bubble shield or Blast shield (sold separately.)  

• Injection-molded ABS outer shell with hand-painted finish
• Expanded polystyrene inner shell
• Hand-sewn removable brushed Lycra liner with diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding
• Meets DOT safety standards
• Internal BioFoam chin pad with hand-sewn contrast stitching
• XS through XXL sizes

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5 Star Rating

08/01/2017 07:37am

No doubt the helmet built quality is very good, the only thing is the bubble shield brushes on both sides of the helmet. (Size M if that matters!) resulting in very ugly scare, any one using it stick a transparent tape on the brushing point.


5 Star Rating

02/21/2015 08:48am

I haven't been riding for very long, and I struggled to find a helmet that was 1) made well, 2) performed well, and 3) looked all retro and great. A couple of local dealers carried Gringos so,I was able to try a couple of sizes before buying. They didn't carry the Orange, so I ordered it directly from Biltwell. The helmet is fantastic. Fits like a glove, I have excellent vision, the large opening allows for a lot of airflow, and the hazard Orange is really hard to miss. I ride a vintage-looking bike, and the Gringo goes well with it. And Biltwell shipped it immediately. Hands down the one of the two best pieces of riding gear I've bought so far.


eighties rider
5 Star Rating

10/30/2014 10:18pm

VERY happy with this helmet. I've ridden with an M2R street helmet for way too long. Always rode with the shield up and sunglasses, so giving up a hinged shield didn't concern me. I was only worried about giving up top vents. No worries after all, this helmet is somehow even more comfortable while riding. Nice job guys! The attention to detail is on point. Even the snaps are designed thoughtfully to fend off rust. My advice, stop reading reviews and buy this helmet. As soon as money permits I plan on getting a couple more.


5 Star Rating

08/19/2014 04:45pm

I just received my Gringo in the mail. After reading all the reviews online I was so excited to get, and it surpassed all my expectations (and they were already high). It feels and looks great, and it's even better on the road. Its very quiet (I can actually hear my bike!), lightweight, comfortable, with a large viewing area. It fits snug but not tight with no vibration from the wind - even at 130km/h. Better than my full face Shoei and Bell helmets. Let me tell you, it looks amazing with my '82 CB900. Thank you Biltwell!


5 Star Rating

07/28/2014 01:40pm

Without doubt the nicest fitting and most comfortable helmet, not only was I able to get it delivered in 2 days I rode 3000 miles in 90 plus degree weather for 8 days and not once did I feel to hot or uncomfortable !! I normally wear a Bell 3/4 not any more , felt safer and it looks a bunch cooler.. add the bubble shield and its very cool . I did go for the XL normally in Bell i wear large, the XL fits perfect . Great helmet and great customer service .


Steve M
5 Star Rating

04/21/2014 03:19pm

This helmet saved my life. http://www.abc15.com/news/region-phoenix-metro/central-phoenix/pd-motorcyclist-critically-hurt-in-accident I was in a collision on March 14th, 2014. I just spent nearly a month in the hospital recovering from numerous injuries. My bike T-boned a car at between 40 and 50 mph. The PHX PD detective investigating the accident thought for sure that it would be fatal. I'm wholeheartedly convinced that my life was spared simply because I was wearing this Biltwell Gringo helmet fitted with the Biltwell Bubble Shield. Please, always wear a full face helmet. Its not just a matter of life and death. Its a matter of surviving with brain damage or without. Ride Safe, Steve M Tempe, AZ


5 Star Rating

02/27/2014 07:07pm

Biltwell Gringo excellent products and awesome customer service.


5 Star Rating

11/15/2013 05:39pm

The wife has been nagging me for years to wear a full-face helmet. Intellectually I've always agreed with her that I should, but I just don't care for the way they look, and the fact that I feel claustrophobic in them doesn't help.

Then in a search for a new 3/4 helmet to replace my worn out Bell 500, I stumbled across the Gringo. It seemed to be the best of all worlds. I rolled the dice and ordered one.

I can't say enough good about this helmet. Looks great, the pictures hardly do it justice. Clearly of superior construction to the Bell. The liner is as comfortable as any helmet I've ever worn. It is super light. Not just light for a full face helmet, but light, period. And most of all, when I put it on my head, I don't feel suffocated. The fact that it makes the wife happy is just gravy. She's even asked me to order one for her to replace her HJC monstrosity.

I ordered a pair of Biltwell goggles from Lowbrow Customs for the cooler months. Haven't received them yet, but I'm looking forward to mating them with this helmet.


5 Star Rating

10/04/2013 03:34pm

The style of the Gringo definitely stands out from the rest of the full face helmets, but that is not what makes this helmet outstanding. It's the plush and comfortable interior, the wide field of vision, and the refreshing ventilation that really make this helmet stand out. Buy it for the style. Keep it for the quality. The Gringo is worth every penny.

Biltwell is a great company with excellent products and awesome customer service.


Alex mau
5 Star Rating

09/24/2013 10:08am

Super cool looking, well made.


Steve Ferris
5 Star Rating

09/04/2013 04:04pm

I tentatively ordered online from Australia. WOW, this is one of the few times I have been pleasantly surprised. Apart from the helmet itself being really high quality and ultra comfortable, I was astounded when it arrived from the states in about 2 weeks or less. Totally impressed with you guys. I am still waiting for a t-shirt from another US place that I ordered 4 weeks before the helmet.


Anthony Goindoo
5 Star Rating

08/26/2013 02:57pm

This is the best helmet I've ever had. Even at speed it doesn't pull my head up, and at 90 degrees still has great ventilation. Oh, and look factor is awesome!


Jon Nick
5 Star Rating

08/26/2013 02:53pm

Received my Gringo today! I have previously owned a Fulmer V2 and it was a L size helmet. I ordered an XL Gringo and it fits like a charm! Cheek pads snap in and out easily....I purchased the goggles


5 Star Rating

08/26/2013 02:51pm

i can't say enough good things about this helmet. old school honkey scooterpimp style aside , it feels incredible. I am amazed by how cool it is , even in the Florida summer. Important to note , since i haven't seen much mention of the shell size difference; the smaller shell for the medium and under is only slightly larger than the Biltwell novelty. I am a tall guy with a long thin face and even the novelty gave me a bit of the bobble head. The chin bar on El Gringo eliminates this problem. It seems like every time I get paid , I buy some Biltwell merchandise. I might have a problem. I need some gloves man , real bad.


5 Star Rating

08/25/2013 12:15am

Great helmet, great fit, great price.
We want a yellow one!


5 Star Rating

08/13/2013 04:52pm

Super stoked. The Moto gloves are awesome too. Next up are some bars. Highly recommended.


Jarrod Corbeil
5 Star Rating

08/13/2013 04:49pm

This is a great helmet and a great company. I ordered one size to big but everything was handled awesome by the company.


Amin Yusoff
5 Star Rating

07/18/2013 12:38pm

Perfect fit! Great looking helmet! Will definitely buy another piece for the Ol' Lady!


jimi meza
5 Star Rating

07/03/2013 04:58pm

best helmet ever. period.


5 Star Rating

06/21/2013 09:58am

This is my favorite helmet! I was hesitant to order without trying it on first but it fit great. I'm using a mirrored shield and this is by far one of the quietest helmets I've worn. Visibility is great and it is comfortable at freeway speeds.
Don't be worried about the lack of air vents. Even when worn with the bubble shield, there is still enough airflow that makes it comfortable in Texas summer heat.


5 Star Rating

06/04/2013 01:19am

This is the best full face I've ever worn. I can't believe how high the quality is. No buffeting on on the freeway, perfect vision, comfy fit, glasses or goggles, no problem. Fast shipping. Insane product. Nice price.


5 Star Rating

05/13/2013 09:48am

I've just got it today! It's amazing that I placed an order only two days ago and I'm already wearing it!
It fits perfect! (mine is large) Great visibility and no wind catching on freeway. I wear goggles over it and feel absolutely great. I also have a biltwell ¾ but I’ll be wearing this helmet more often.