Zed Handlebars 1" - Black

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Overview: These handlebars are constructed with seamless 0.120” wall 4130 chromoly tubes. Precision mitering and TIG welding finish off the bars for beauty and strength.  Available smooth for custom and non H-D applications or dimpled to accept original equipment Harley-Davidson hand controls.

These bars look great on: Harley 48, Hugger, Superlow, Nightster and Yamaha Bolt; any bike with narrow forks and a standard length backbone.

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compact z-bars

Construction: 1-inch O.D. x 0.120"; wall seamless 4130 chromoly tubing; all joints precision mitered and TIG welded. Available in two styles: Smooth for aftermarket hand controls or custom applications, and Dimpled for stock Harley-Davidson switches and levers.

Fitment: A very narrow and only slightly taller-than-stock handlebar that looks great on practically any motorcycle you can imagine, Zed bars are perfect for giving your bike the classic lane splitter look. Zed bar's diminutive size makes swapping out stock bars on most Harleys easy, no new cables or wires required.

Black ED: The black finish on Biltwell handlebars and risers is called Black Electrostatic Discharge or BED, and is applied the same way chrome plate is applied to raw materials. Like chrome plating, powdercoating and standard paint finishes, BED requires periodic care to maintain its luster. Soapy water and a soft cloth will remove surface dirt from BED, and common automotive waxes and polishes work great to protect the finish.

A Few Words on Knurling: We donít knurl our bars because doing so reduces the surface area where the handlebar makes contact with the risers, thereby compromising clamping power. Stock and aftermarket steel risers commonly found on cruisers and custom big twins have a material density 4 times greater than aluminum. This density doesn't let knurling bite into the riser material, which in turn compromises clamping strength.


Coy Coleman
5 Star Rating

08/12/2018 12:29pm

I bought this for my Yamaha Roadstar Warrior to tighten up the width of my handlebars and for a more aggressive look. 11 Bolts off and on. Also fitted some Biltwell grips at the same time. Under an hour. No Cable adjustment needed (I might need to up my risers a couple inches). Now my RS Warrior has a Sport Bike type Handlebar, feels just like a crotch rocket. Took it back about 5 degrees and has a much better riding position in wind (I don't feel like a wind sock). Top notch quality and fit.


5 Star Rating

03/09/2018 08:37pm

Great bars, fit with no issues on my Yamaha Bolt. Looks good with the narrow profile of the bike. A bit narrower than I expected but it looks and feels good.


5 Star Rating

09/18/2017 08:59am

I've just fitted these bars to a 2017 Sportster 48. First off, these bars are really good quality. Anyway regarding the fit, clutch cable - no problem, electrics - no problem, throttle cables - no problem Front brake line - just, or rather JUST. If these bars were 1/2" taller you would need to replace the brake line with a longer one. You will have to wrestle the reservoir and it's clamp into position but it will fit. You'll be left with around 1/2" slack in the line after fitting, slightly less on full left lock, but an acceptable amount. Don't forget to release the 'P' clamp on the rear right of the top yoke that guides the brake line to the union while wrestling ;) . Replacing the brake line while no big deal in itself, is a no no if you have ABS. This makes it a dealer job for which my dealership quoted £300 labour. American friends I'll let you do the maths on that!


Branden Guptill
5 Star Rating

10/17/2015 07:30pm

installed these on my 2015 48 in about 30 min with no trouble.. Really happy!!! Great product


Nicky Bags
5 Star Rating

10/01/2015 05:49pm

Just slapped some Zed's on my forty-eight and they are sexy. Put them on some 2" risers, no issues with fit for cables and brake line. Great fit and feel, look damn good. Word of warning though, I have a 2014 48 and the bars would not fit without the risers. They hit the top of the tree.


B Ramos
5 Star Rating

09/20/2015 09:22pm

Got these bars as a gift for my birthday. Put them on my 2015 Forty Eight no issues; Did not have to extend ANY wiring. Literally took about 20 minutes. Thanks for fast shipping, quality bars and the stickers!


5 Star Rating

07/14/2015 05:49pm

The one bit of information I think people should be aware of is depending on how far you set these back you'll have mirror issues on a Sportster 48. I set mine by feel and then realized the mirrors wouldn't do much either on the top or bottom. So I had to push them forward more than I would prefer. I'm about 5'9" and am now considering a small rise so I can bring back the bars and make the mirrors useful.


5 Star Rating

03/19/2015 09:04am

These bar are cool and clean. I have a 95 883 standard with tracker style bars. I was worried that these bars wouldn't fit without needing new cables, I was almost right. Everything fit except for my brake line, it kind of fits but i think it's to tight. Getting the controls was a bit of a hassle for me [New to the motorcycle game] but i eventually got it all buttoned up. What I like is the riding position these bars offer. You can push them way forward for a straight arm lean over feel, bring them more upright for a looser straight arm up right feel, or bring them in a bit to relax the arm more. So however you like to ride these bars will do the trick.


5 Star Rating

02/17/2015 05:01am

Love my Biltwell Compact ZED bars. Excellent quality, easy to install and reasonably priced. Bolted them on to my '14 48 XL1200X in about an hour. When ordering called with a couple q's and the service was great! Highly recommend!


5 Star Rating

02/18/2014 11:53am

I picked these bars up from Biltwell's showroom, installed them that evening. The narrower than stock profile made for a little trial and error while re-mounting the controls and mirror but once they were on I was hyped. I'd recommend something other than a stock mirror with these bars, maybe a bar-end mirror as the stock ones will give you a clear shot of your shoulder or hip. But that's the price you pay for a rad looking front-end.


5 Star Rating

04/11/2013 05:48am

Got my bars in only 6 days! nicely made bars love the look of them on the bike. They feel great to ride with as we'll.


5 Star Rating

09/09/2012 12:10am

rad bars, not too hard to install either. Love the look and feel. my only reason for not giving them 5 stars is i feel like my black is fading a little... maybe its just me.


5 Star Rating

06/30/2012 08:45pm

Got the black Zeds 6-8 months ago,love em, put em on my 02' 883 hugger with 6.5" risers w/slight pullback due to my 4inchers allowing bars to dig in tank, glad it happened tho,gave me the right rise kept from modin the solid brake line and it just simply looks badass,minimal vibrations at 90 mph, thanx guys