Mustache Handlebars 1" - Black

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Overview: These handlebars are constructed with seamless CNC mandrel bent 0.120” wall 4130 chromoly tubes. Precision mitering and TIG welding finish off the bars for beauty and strength.  Available smooth for custom and non H-D applications or dimpled to accept original equipment Harley-Davidson hand controls.

These bars look great on: Harley 48, Hugger, Superlow and Nightster; any bike with Narrow Glide forks and a standard length backbone.

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Construction: 1-inch O.D. x 0.120" wall seamless 4130 chromoly tubing. All bends are created with internal mandrels on a CNC bender to reduce flat spots in the radiuses, and all welded joints are precision mitered and TIG welded. For exact measurements, please click the Specifications icon in the photo album. Available in two styles: Smooth for aftermarket hand controls or custom applications, and Dimpled for stock Harley-Davidson switches and levers.

Fitment: Mustache Bars are both lower and narrower than most stock handlebars, a feat that makes them perfect for guys who want to reduce the lane-splitting profile of their machine. The Mustache bar's trim profile makes them a great choice for anyone who doesn't want to fiddle with cables and wires on their hand controls.

Black ED: The black finish on Biltwell handlebars and risers is called Black Electrostatic Discharge or BED, and is applied the same way chrome plate is applied to raw materials. Like chrome plating, powdercoating and standard paint finishes, BED requires periodic care to maintain its luster. Soapy water and a soft cloth will remove surface dirt from BED, and common automotive waxes and polishes work great to protect the finish.

A Few Words on Knurling: We donít knurl our bars because doing so reduces the surface area where the handlebar makes contact with the risers, thereby compromising clamping power. Stock and aftermarket steel risers commonly found on cruisers and custom big twins have a material density 4 times greater than aluminum. This density doesn't let knurling bite into the riser material, which in turn compromises clamping strength.


Mike T
5 Star Rating

05/24/2015 02:44pm

Love these bars. Put them on a Boulevard. A lot of people like the look of narrow bars on the thicker bike.


Guillaume Bauer
5 Star Rating

07/02/2012 11:43pm

Super narrow style, I love it!


javi dirt
5 Star Rating

06/01/2012 05:43pm

I just installed these puppies on my 48 with the kung fu grips and i must say they make me feel 10X SEXIER for sure


Stuart Saville
5 Star Rating

04/30/2012 01:13am

Cool bars nice and narrow,fantastic quality !!!


5 Star Rating

04/20/2012 02:12pm

Great looking bars nice and narrow grat quality as usual from Biltwell.


5 Star Rating

03/26/2012 08:05pm

Super durable, comfortable, and clean bars.
I highly recommend them. The bar is also pretty easy to drill and run wires internally.