Moto Lens - Smoke

5 Star Rating
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Bummer! Out of stock.

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Construction: Precision die-cut impact-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate lens. Designed to fit Biltwell Moto Goggles.

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jarad Clement
5 Star Rating

03/20/2016 06:41am

Scratches quite easily, will have to order a new one soon. But other than that they are perfect! No fog #thumbsup


Derrick S
5 Star Rating

10/27/2014 04:09am

I just got my smoked lens in the mail and I can see why they were out of stock for so long. It's a great product that makes ridding so a bright sunny and a lot more fun and enjoyable.


Shy E.
5 Star Rating

06/04/2013 06:06pm

i dunno what really to say besides biltwell makes as we all know a good quality product. this lens is not nearly as dark as i thought it would be but perfect for nice sunny days and im sure in a pinch could get you home in the dark if youre that desperate to get away from that one chick that wont leave you alone at the bar.
love the smoke lens, just like everything else with the anvil of quality that biltwell stamps on every one of their products.