Sanderson Foot Pegs H-D - Polished

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5 Star Rating
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Construction: Foot peg body is constructed of investment-cast stainless-steel. Clevis: investment-cast chromoly steel, tumble finish with chrome plating. Stainless-steel Allen cap hardware (clevis pivot pin/bolt and associated hardware not included).

Details: The design and proportions of our Sanderson foot pegs were cribbed from Anderson aftermarket pegs made popular by chopper pioneers of the ‘60s.

Install: Drop some Loctite on the clevis shaft before you rotate your foot pegs into your ideal riding position. Add another drop of Loctite to the socket cap screw that will bolt your peg to the clevis. Tighten down and you are ready to rip.

Fitment: These pegs bolt right onto a ton of different H-Ds with female style clevises. Unfortunately, the MoCo threw us a curve ball and these pegs will not bolt-on to the following models: 13-17 XL1200V/XL1200X/XL1200C XL12000CX, 13-17 FXSB/SE, 11-13 FXS, and/or 08-11FXCW/C. If you don't see your H-D in that list, you should be good to go.

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5 Star Rating

02/27/2017 07:01am

the pegs did not fit my 2015 sportster . I had to grind on the pegs to make them fit other than that I love them.


Duane Ballard
5 Star Rating

03/30/2015 06:23pm

Super nice. Perfectly cast and strong as hell. Surface has excellent traction.


Mike B.
5 Star Rating

04/09/2012 09:56am

I love these pegs, they have a great classic look, and are super comfy when I ride my moto barefoot with shorts.. is there any other way?? no really I highly recomend these, barefoot or boots you decide.


Brian S
5 Star Rating

09/08/2011 07:20pm

It feels like I gained 10 hp by installing these pegs, or maybe it's the colder weather. Either way, these pegs are gnarly. They have excellent grip, and are very comfy. I highly recommend them.