Mandana - Beard Black/White

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Construction: Screenprinted cotton blend handkerchief, 22” x 22” (558mm square.)

Overview: Friend of Biltwell and legendary illustrator Alan Close of APOC Designs hand illustrated the manly mugs for this Biltwell original. Folding it diagonally and tying it across your mug bank robber style gives baby-faced chopper freaks some much-needed outlaw cred, or you can simply stuff it into your back pocket and use it to wipe the shit-eating grin off your face during gas stops. No matter what you do with a Biltwell mandana, you’ll get a tickle every time you look at it.

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B. Thompson
5 Star Rating

04/18/2013 09:01pm

Great great product!! Way thicker than any bandana I've ever found, and needless to say everyone seems to love seeing ya wear it.. Only problem I've found is that you can't leave it tied to your bike for fear someone will steal it!


Michael L.
5 Star Rating

03/15/2013 10:12am

I joke that one side is me (the beard) and one side is my dad (the mustache), biut everywhere I this mandana I get looks and compliments. Thanks for yet another great product Biltwell. I'll be reppin this one on my shovel when weather gets cold again.


Big Petey
5 Star Rating

08/16/2012 08:37am

Thick and Awesome, the ladies love the Mandana.


5 Star Rating

06/05/2012 12:18pm


à quand le reapprovisionnement ?


D. Campbell
5 Star Rating

12/02/2011 07:49pm

Just got my mandana and new helmet liner in. First let me say that not only is this the best looking bandana available but it's functional. The graphics are thicker than a normal bandana and do a great job keeping the cold wind out. Outstanding quality too. Great product!!


5 Star Rating

09/20/2011 10:44pm

Sickness! Now I can keep my face lookin'' like a true biker when it's cold out!