Prime Cut Vest - Black

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• Hand sewn and pattern graded by garment professionals in Los Angeles, CA, USA
• Double-stitched at all stress points and critical seams
• Denim-lined slash pockets with internal snap enclosure on sides
• Denim-lined patch pockets with button flaps on chest
• Rugged 100% cotton poplin lining
• Heavy 13.5 oz. denim construction
• Plated brass grommet inside left breast pocket for ear bud wire
• Button cinch adjusters on waist
• Antique nickel buttons with subtle Biltwell branding in key locations
• Six sizes: Small through XXXL

Care & Maintenance: Machine or hand wash in cold water, air dry.

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Overview: You can search haberdasheries and mega malls from Buffalo to Bass Lake and you won't find more features, higher-quality construction, a better fit or more enduring style than our Prime Cut vest. Available in six sizes to fit practically every bikerider imaginable, every Biltwell Prime Cut is American made and packed with outlaw spirit, guaranteed.


5 Star Rating

09/20/2017 04:16pm

My ONLY complaint is the vest is a little short. I get most guys like a vest that stops right at their beltline so it doesnt bunch up, but mine was a couple inches short for my taste. I took it to a tailor and had em stitch in a 2in. Strip of heavy canvas. Worked great. Over 2yrs, riding virtually everyday in all kinds of weather. It's held up great, from color to stitching. Mine was a xxl black, and I'm 6ft 225lbs. Even with the nit picking over the length, I'll do business with them again.


5 Star Rating

09/13/2017 07:52pm

Worth every nickel. Thicker and better than a Levi or other department store brand jean jacket/vest. Deep pockets and awesome buttons.


5 Star Rating

08/02/2017 03:09pm

Just got my vest and I'm digin it! Already took it out in the wind and sewed on a bunch of patches. Super comfortable and oozing quality! Biltwell has the best stuff out there. i definitely recommend this vest to anyone. Heavy duty denim, double stitched everything, and deep, solid pockets. I can't say enough good things about this company!


Boozefighter Blanks
5 Star Rating

08/14/2016 10:41am

I have beat the hell out of this vest. Some of my friends have opted for cheaper vests and always end up replacing them quickly because they start falling apart. If you're going to wear something every day, make sure it's built for it. I've had a Biltwell vest for two years and it's seen wind almost every day and is still holding up.


ralph T.
5 Star Rating

03/31/2016 06:22pm

first and far most i must say what a vest. extremely light and it feels like as your not even wearing anything when your riding you motorcycle , i get compliments on it every were i go especially at other club houses and bars, have to give it to biltwell for an awesome product guys keep up the good work and you have a customer for life for sure.


Ruben Rodriguez
5 Star Rating

01/02/2016 11:11pm

These vests are amazing. I actually bought two of them. A black XL to go over my riding jacket, and a blue L to wear without my jacket. Amazing quality. Buy it...you won't regret it. Worth the $300 I spent for both!


5 Star Rating

10/25/2015 12:59pm

Fits great, but a little boxy. Great construction. I'm a stockier guy with a 42" chest and 34" waist. I ordered a small and am very happy with it. Make sure you pay attention to the sizing chart and measure another jacket or vest that fits well. I usually wear large t-shirts, and the small best fits perfect. I'm not certain why they made the sizing so weird.


5 Star Rating

07/02/2014 11:33pm

Didnt fit me. A little to boxy, quality looked good.


5 Star Rating

06/04/2014 10:02am

Love my vest, super sturdy. been rockin it for about 2 months now. Those concealed carry pockets are perfect and deep, ipod loophole is genius. Worth every penny.


5 Star Rating

09/24/2013 10:14am

Very well made vest...you get what you pay for and that is a quality American made vest


5 Star Rating

09/01/2013 07:30am

I must admit that I was a bit unsure about spending the money at first and even considered other brands, but after receiving my vest I can honestly say that nothing out there comes close to this in quality or look. This thing is just plain bad ass. Stop reading about it and just buy it already!!!


5 Star Rating

03/24/2013 06:11pm

I was a little leery about throwing down this much money on a vest when you can get a Levis' for like half that much, and I know levis are decent cause I've had plenty of them. But I figured what the hell, live once. I got the biltwell vest and I am psyched on it. It's worth every penny. It's VERY well made. Even laying next to my current levis, there was no comparing them. The denim is a little thicker but still flexible and comfortable. Every seam is double stitched. The buttons are nice and thick but sit high enough that isn't a pain to button. Plus they're stylin' with the biltwell logo. The lining is very nice, not satiny. The interior pockets are denim, not just lining material. I could go on and on. The quality is there 100%. Also, I was hesitant on the collarless, cause I've always had a collar. But I really like it. It's badass and stylin, but subtle. Bottom line- suck up the thick price tag and show some class.


Simon Nicholls
5 Star Rating

03/09/2013 02:29am

So I decide to buy the black prime cut vest generation 2. $149.95, plus the shipping here to England of about $50 plus tax and import duty when it arrived of another $50. So this vest has cost me $250! Was it worth it? Yes every penny. Why? Because it is a beautifully cut and made bit of kit that will be worn over and over again. Excellent job Biltwell, now start selling clothing in the UK as well as parts.


5 Star Rating

12/21/2012 03:27pm

I'd be proud to show off one of your vests, how 'bout a discount code?


5 Star Rating

08/12/2012 11:18pm



Mike B.
5 Star Rating

04/09/2012 10:10am

I have had mine for awhile but needed to put some time in wearing this, well after a few months I can truly say this is the best vest I have owned, super durable, lots of cool features, hides my conceal weapon of choice well and makes my figure look super slim ha,ha get with it!!


5 Star Rating

10/13/2011 11:00am

Best West i have ever bought! Awesome quality and built to last. You won´t regret it!!! Go and buy it today!


Jeff Madtson
5 Star Rating

09/22/2011 06:31pm

Once again I am blown away with the quality of this company. I just received my vest in the mail, and I could not be more impressed. This is definitely something that was built to last.


5 Star Rating

09/20/2011 10:41pm

Just got mine today n' instantly sewed a chop cult patch on it. This thing is sick!


Mohammed Rizal
5 Star Rating

08/17/2011 09:26am

gonna get me one very very soon. clean and simple vest!!