Slimline Seat - Black Tuck n ' Roll

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Fitment: This is a custom motorcycle component that requires basic fabrication skills and mechanical acumen to install properly. If your motorcycle already has a seat hinge and spring bungs installed on the frame, you’re halfway there, though some additional modifications may be required. Our Slimline seat looks best on bikes with steep backbones and short rear ends, such as many Japanese and British chops, and many rigid H-D XL’s.

Construction: Heavy gauge stamped steel pan with high rear kick for added support. Stamped-in ridges on the pan increase stiffness and give the pan a clean, classic look. Matte black electroplated finish. Cover is hand stitched heavy-duty vinyl and is fastened to underside of seat pan with rivets for durability. Foam is molded polyurethane, approximately 1” thick.

Note: Our seat covers are extremely water resistant, but the seams are not. If left outside in the rain, these seats can soak up water. This is especially true of the Diamond or Tuck n’ Roll designs since they have more stitched seams. If you expect rain or snow, cover the seat to keep your saddle dry.

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Installation details: A unique adjustable carriage bolt system on the underside of the seat pan allows you to fine tune the location of the seat hinge and both springs. This is especially helpful if you are installing our Slimline seat on a frame with preexisting spring bungs welded onto the rear cross member. This is not a bolt-on product.


5 Star Rating

11/11/2015 07:05am

I bought this seat with diamond stitching a while back. When it arrived I thought ''oh no it's harder than a plank of oak!'' But no, the ergonomic shape is perfectly comfortable, I have ridden many 700+ mile trips with it and its my arm's and shoulders that complain not my ass! I will now check out Biltwells handlebar selection.


5 Star Rating

09/21/2011 06:29am

Love the seat very nice looking and well built.My wife even commented on the looks of it.


happy dilmore
5 Star Rating

06/27/2011 06:31am

just bought this seat at the smoke out. put it on triumph t100 rigid with side hack right then, 300 miles riding home and i never once had to adjust my ass due to being uncomfortable, quality is top notch, i VERY much so highly recommend this seat.. the biltwell staff are also some really kick ass people.. i'd stand behind any of their products.. THANKS AGAIN!!


Chip Fulcher
5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:50pm

Great quality product, slick looking, comfy too. The motorcycle lives outside at the moment sadly and this seat seems to resist the elements quite well!


Chuck Walker
5 Star Rating

02/11/2011 08:01pm

Great Product! Superb Quality at a reasonable price. Prompt shipping I will be back as a customer. Chuck Walker


5 Star Rating

09/01/2010 06:12am

I ordered the black diamond solo seat, along with the black chromoly seat hinge. Although I have yet to weld the seat hinge on my frame, I must say that the quality of the seat and hinge are second to none. Biltwell truly lives up to its name. I previously ordered a La Rosa spring seat and sent it back due to its odd color and requested a replacement. I ultimately had to file a claim with my insurance card company because the seller of the seat never responded to me after I sent the seat back and requested a replacement. The Biltwell seat is not only less money than the La Rosa seat, but seemingly of higher quality. What you see on the webpage is what you get, and I would highly recommend the Biltwell seat products to anyone looks for a custom spring seat.