Gringo / Gringo S ECE Helmet Liner

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Fitment: The removable liner in an ECE spec Gringo / Gringo S full-face helmet can get grungy after heavy use. Keep your lid fresh and clean with a new liner. This liner fits only ECE spec helmets. These will not fit in the original DOT only Gringo / Gringo S helmets.

Care: Never throw your helmet's liner in the washer or dryer. Instead, carefully remove the pieces and hand wash them in the sink with mild soapy water (Palmolive dishwashing liquid works great.) Let them air dry 24 hours before reinstalling them to avoid dampness or mildew. If you can't be bothered with cleaning the comfort liner, simply pull it out, throw it away and replace them with a new one. Viola! your helmet is fresh as a daisy.

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