Clubman Handlebars 1" - Black

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Overview: These handlebars are constructed with seamless CNC mandrel bent 0.120” wall 4130 chromoly tubes. Precision mitering and TIG welding finish off the bars for beauty and strength.  Available smooth for custom applications.

These bars look great on: Café racers of any pedigree (Honda, Triumph, Yamaha, modified Sportsters, etc.) They look great on choppers in the upside-down position described above, too.

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Run 'em Up or Down

Construction: 1-inch O.D. x 0.120"; wall seamless 4130 chromoly tubing. All bends are created with internal mandrels on a CNC bender to reduce flat spots in the radiuses, and all welded joints are precision mitered and TIG welded. For exact measurements, please click the Specifications icon in the photo album.

Fitment: Clubman bars were designed decades ago to give bike builders an easy, affordable way to replicate the look and hand position of clip-on bars. Whereas true clip-ons fasten to the fork stanchions below the top triple tree to create an arms-out stance, Clubman bars simply bolt into the risers on your to tree. Years later chopper builders realized Clubman bars could be installed upside-down (welded points facing upward) to give their custom machines "devil horns". Because Clubman bars are reversible, we don't dimple the area where stock H-D hand controls fall. If you want to run upside-down Clubmans on your stock H-D, you'll have to follow the modification instructions features on the tips and tricks page of our website.

Black ED: The black finish on Biltwell handlebars and risers is called Black Electrostatic Discharge or BED, and is applied the same way chrome plate is applied to raw materials. Like chrome plating, powdercoating and standard paint finishes, BED requires periodic care to maintain its luster. Soapy water and a soft cloth will remove surface dirt from BED, and common automotive waxes and polishes work great to protect the finish.

A Few Words on Knurling:
We don't knurl our bars because doing so reduces the surface area where the handlebar makes contact with the risers, thereby compromising clamping power. Stock and aftermarket steel risers commonly found on cruisers and custom big twins have a material density 4 times greater than aluminum. This density doesn't let knurling bite into the riser material, which in turn compromises clamping strength.


5 Star Rating

03/03/2017 04:17pm

Biltwell make the best bars. I've used them on my last 3 projects however I don't understand why the 7/8 Clubmans are no longer being made/sold. My last 2 projects were near impossible to convert to 1" risers. So one ended up with the 7/8 Zero Drags & the other, the 7/8 Trackers. Please bring back the 7/8 Clubmans!


Richard Baize
5 Star Rating

01/12/2014 10:07pm

Installed a set of these on my Triumph America. Not only are the bars exceptional, the customer service was amazing! Mush an pegs are next!


5 Star Rating

03/17/2011 07:16am

I paired up Clubmans with a set of Slimline Risers on my '08 XL and the whole thing came out killer. No cable change needed, as mentioned, but it was a stretch to say the least. I'm running mine flipped so they are super low with a cafe feel...which is not for everyone. Spot on with the "bars upside down"...certain to piss off your local HOG chapter.


5 Star Rating

03/11/2011 09:47am

I ordered some clubman bars; love em. I couldn't believe how fast they were shipped to my house. I think it was there in a day. Thank you so much!


Garrick Anson
5 Star Rating

01/28/2011 06:52am

These look damn sexy on my Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster.
As always, the fit, finish, and build quality of these bars are amazing.
I'm running mine upright, but am thinking of another project that they would look great turned down.


5 Star Rating

10/09/2010 10:21am

Fucking love these bars on my 07 883R! No cable change needed, but internal wiring was a bitch. Also, if doing these on a Harley, be prepared for "Hey, ya got yer bars on upside-down"...a lot.