Bubble Shield - Blue Gradient

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Overview: Injection-molded polycarbonate shields in gradient finishes. Plated snaps feature the Biltwell anvil logo. Fits stock 3-snap visor configuration on most helmets. Accept no substitutes: make sure the next bubble shield you own features the "Biltwell" script logo.

UV Tested: Biltwell Bubble Shields are UV rated at UV +50 with over 91% UVA block and over 99% UVB block. Shields were evaluated for UV resistance as per test method AATCC 183.

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5 Star Rating

07/03/2013 02:51pm

These Things are Great

but my review will never top Crosby's


Crosby of the Dead Sea Gulls
5 Star Rating

07/19/2012 03:58pm

I ordered this and the green fade bubble a day after ordering a matte grey 3/4 helmet from some other site.
My helmet has yet to arrive, but I've been sitting on these bubbles for a full 24 hours already. Not only fast shipping, but I'm pretty sure these bubbles are the reason I got laid last night. Maybe it was the craftsmanship, maybe it was the style they oozed as they sat on my end table next to my bed, maybe it was just the confidence they filled me with as I knew I had the best bubbles in the industry sitting mere feet away from the woman i was going to make love to... who knows for sure?
I tested the bubbles out on my friends 3/4 helmet, and way god damned radical. I was surfing my motorbike at 55 mph and looked like a mix between speed racer and jesus christ. And the ladies were well aware.
The only downfall of the bubble is that while going 85 I looked over my shoulder to see just how far I had left the haters in the dust, and despite holding onto the base of it with my thumb and index, the wind caught it and popped the bubble off. Fortunately, the bubble doubled as a projectile weapon and hit my haters right in the domes like a boomarang off of zelda. I got it back in once piece (more than I can say for the haters), and talk about scratch resistant. the thing looks brand new. Wiped the blood off and and was hustlin again in literally mere seconds.
would have given 4/5 due to how easy it popped off the helmet, but it defeated my enemies, so i can't be mad. Just be sure you're gripping it when checking blindspots at freeway speeds.