Instagram: @six206

Location: Lubbock, Texas

Bike Year / Motor: 2000 / 113" Supercharged S&S Evo

What have you done? Everything. Started off with building a frame utilizing some drag style axle plates and steering neck I designed and had CNCd in house. Frame is 4" up, no stretch and 1" drop in the rear with a 30 degree rake to get that classic wedge profile. Fabricated tubular front motor mounts for that 113" supercharged Evo. After getting it set on some 13 spoke HD mags started sketching out some ideas for the tins. Made a fender/seat combo to fit with the whole drag feel of the bike. Made some templates to fit an oil tank around the transmission and shaped a gas tank with a recessed scallop in the top. I've always likes the look of a mini faring but didn't want to use a plastic of fiberglass piece so I built one out of sheetmetal to fit the screen off an existing one. Built a set stainless drag pipes to fit around that supercharger. Made some drag bars set up with an internal throttle. I'm sure I'm leaving something off the list but the gist is everything is scratch built.

What do you have left to do? There's a lot left do. Currently working on designing a lot of CNC parts like rocker boxes, headlight, taillight, risers and mid-controls. Paint and bodywork will be the biggest thing left to do.

Any problems so far? No major problems so far aside from time, or lack thereof. Approaching a build with a clear goal in mind really helps so you're not just completely free-styling it along the way. Time is always a huge concern so planning out everything makes it all go together faster.

Favorite part of the bike so far? It's all pretty rad to me so far but if I had to choose it would be the faring. Its a small piece but a really complex shape to make so it really pushed my skills.

Favorite part of the competition? Favorite part of this competition so far is being able to see what everyone else is doing and the engagement between builders. At the end of the day this is a competition and seeing the progress of the other builders really makes me want to push my skill set as a builder.

Want to give any shout outs? Everyone at Rev Limit Customs, All Axis Industries and Cooks Garage for all the help and support.